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Blood sugar levels on my five year old ?

I checked my daughters sugar levels yesterday morning at 7 am adn she hasn't had anything to eat or drink since the night before at 7pm. It was 160mg/dL. later that evening before supper it was 116mg/dL. Two hours after supper it was 126 mg/dL. Then this morning once again nothign to eat since 7 pm it 's 7 am and her blood sugar is 95mg/dL. What do you guys think? Once again she's been showing symptoms of being diabetic.

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Asked by SummerMeadowMom at 11:22 AM on Aug. 26, 2010 in Health

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Answers (9)
  • Take her to the dr. She should have her A1C checked.

    Answer by motherofhope98 at 11:25 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • 160 is a bit high...the others seem pretty good and in range. Can you describe some of her symptoms?

    Answer by JessieK79 at 11:25 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • I would take her in and have her urine checked for sugar and protein, and then ask the dr to check her blood sugar as well. There are many other things that this can be symptomatic of.

    Answer by coala at 11:25 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • If you're really concerned about it, I think it would be a much better idea to call a doctor and discuss it with him or her rather than posting a question about it here on cafemom.

    Answer by arouthier at 11:26 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • I think you should take her to a pediatrician to have her evaluated. Those numbers are on the higher side except for the 95. She may be borderline. You also have to take into consideration what she's eating and drinking. Does she drink a lot of milk or sugary drinks? What kind of snacks is she eating? Does she eat carb heavy meals? All of those things should be watched and maybe even documented before you see a doctor.
    I've got one son that has those kind of numbers if he eats carb heavy meals or snacks. I just have to watch his diet.

    Answer by michiganmom116 at 11:27 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • Her symptoms are
    Bed wetting- never done it until 6 mths ago.
    thirsty all the time, times she gets relly hungry and times when she doesn't want to eat at all.
    She's also been complaining about being itchy down there.
    Going to the bathroom alot.

    Comment by SummerMeadowMom (original poster) at 11:31 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • Those are pretty vague "symptoms." I agree with taking her to the doctor and having her A1C checked. If you don't have insurance in some states you can get lab tests done without a doctor's order.


    Answer by Gailll at 11:42 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • those are the symptoms of diabetes. i would take her to the doctor. has she lost weight?

    Answer by JessieK79 at 11:46 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

  • Those are perfect symptoms for blood sugar issues. Thirsty because she's got "cotton mouth" and dry throat (typical with high blood sugar), hungry because her body is all out of whack with blood sugar levels being up and down, cranky because of low or high blood sugars, itchy because diabetics are more prone to yeast infections, peeing a lot because she's drinking a lot and her kidneys are working hard to get all that extra sugar/protein out of her body.

    You've seen what her sugar levels are. You can take her to a doctor & I would start watching her diet. Eliminate sweet snacks, fruit juices, & heavy carb meals. Get more high fiber foods into her. Encourage small meals and healthy snacks 5 to 6 times a day instead of 3 big meals a day, & those meals should all include some source of protein and/or fiber to help keep the blood sugar levels steadier. It sounds like you're already familiar with diabetes. You know what to do.

    Answer by michiganmom116 at 11:50 AM on Aug. 26, 2010

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