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Should I pay her? She lied to me!

I had my kids at a daycare. A week ago she asked me to lie for her and say my kids were related to her because she wanted to take more kids and didn't have a license!!!!!! I was shocked. No license? She advertised licensed. I took my kids and left. I then found out that she was placing my daughter in time out for hours at a time in a bedroom, my husband told me baby was pee soaked when he picked her up and the kids were really hungry. I have reported her to social services. I have lost a ton of $$$ at work because of this issue and she feels entitled to payment. I do not want to pay her. I was paying for a loving, caring, licensed person to care for my kids. Social worker said don't pay her. She has been calling me threatening to come to my home and my work. Accused me of child abuse, and to take me to court(whatever). Please no judgemental answers. I'm really upset and feel horrible.


Asked by Anonymous at 12:58 PM on Aug. 28, 2010 in General Parenting

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Answers (15)
  • I would get a restraining order to protect you and your fam. And no I would NOT pay her!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:00 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • First of all, you already have social services on your side as witness b/c you reported the woman, so don't worry about that. Second, if the woman continues to harass you, call the police and report her for the harassment/threats. You may even be able to get a restraining order against her.

    Answer by mom2aspclboy at 1:02 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • Do not pay her! She can do nothing to you as she is not licensed. Going to court would get her in trouble, not you.

    Answer by an-apple-a-day at 1:01 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • I would not pay her and I would tell her that good take me to court. I will see you there bright and early. Make sure you have a copy of the add that says she was licensed. This will show proof that she gave false information. Someone like her should not be watching children.

    Answer by itsallabtthem84 at 1:01 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • Do not pay her. I'd find her AD that says she's licensed and sue her! Or at least insist she get arrest for lying.
    I'm sorry that happened to you and your family.

    Answer by Blubuni99 at 1:02 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • Did you have a contract? I would talk to a lawyer, I would think legally you wouldn't have to pay her, but I am not sure. Good luck in this horrible situation.


    Answer by lilysmom2607 at 1:03 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • Nope no pay! If I were to color someones hair black who asked for blond, I couldn't make them pay. Same thing here! She offered a service and did not follow through with it! Letting kids run amuck, with an adult present, or treating kids this way, is NOT proper child care.

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 1:05 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • she has nothing to go on...and if she trys (got for it law breaker) she outs herself as someone with a character disorder....stand your ground and dare would love to get her name out there as a creepy person who pretends to care for children.

    get your power on....she certainly thinks she has more than you~NOT....go mamma bear girl~

    Answer by surfcitymom at 1:07 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • The next time she calls tell her not to contact you again, record the phone call, and explain that she didn't provide the services she's requesting payment for, and misrepresented herself. Also explain that you will be calling the police and the IRS (to report suspected tax fraud involving unclaimed income). Should she choose not to leave you alone.

    Answer by lovinangels at 1:07 PM on Aug. 28, 2010

  • chances are if she's not licensed, she'll be the one to get into trouble when she 'goes to court'..which sounds like a weak threat, if she's got any brains at all.

    Answer by dullscissors at 1:07 PM on Aug. 28, 2010