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What if your Husband sent you this email?

You are the mom in the home who goes to school 5.5 hours out of a 17 hour day. for 12 hours you get lost in the computer, television, phone calls, etc.. what it's going to take to get you to get up and do your job i really dont know. this is my final request. you either do these things consistently or you will loose access to luxuries that you indulge in. i will be respected wether you like it or not. until these things get done, i will not provide you with anything other than gas in your car and food to eat. This is my final attempt at trying to get the point across. i hope i make myself clear. the only response i want from you is a clean and maintained house period.

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:49 AM on Oct. 11, 2008 in Relationships

Answers (42)
  • geeeez... idk... he sounds like he's fed up i guess i would have to hear the other side of the story....

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:51 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • IDK the other side of the story, but that is pretty harsh.

    Answer by emslala at 1:55 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • Well are you lazy? I mean I would be totally defending you if you did keep the house up and all that but if you sit around all day and let the house get messy and piled up I actually understand him...It sounds like he is tired of it and I have to say on this one as upset as he sounds my guess is you don't (if rarely) keep the house very clean...Be honest with yourself....Do you? Do you sit at home doing all these things while the house is left unattended to? If so I take his side...

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:56 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • DIVORCE - I mean... If my husband ever spoke to me like that I would get a divorce...
    On the other hand, I don't know you home situation.
    If you are spending more time on the phone/computer than with the kids or with him... maybe he needs more attention and you a little less computer time.
    Then again, I always tried to keep a clean home. One day my husband came home from work. I was feeling awful and the kid was running in the house and making a mess...the kitty litter had not been clean and the dog hadn't been taken out. . . the dishes were in the sink and I was half dead on the couch. . . He walked in - gave me a kiss and asked me how I was feeling. . . Then he cleaned the house, the dishes, the laundry, the kid/pets and got me a cup of tea.


    Answer by rivmom at 1:57 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • I think I might be ashamed of myself if what he says is true....

    Answer by pupmom at 2:02 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • So is it true or not? Just out of curiosity can you answer?

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:06 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • My husband's ex was a SAHM who put the kids in day care, all day - every day. Their house looked like a cyclone had blown through, literally. Clutter on every surface. Thick layers of dust on everything. Piles of dirty clothes and food crusted on the counters and dishes piled in the sink. Every day she would call him and tell him what fast food to pick up for dinner. They fed that to their children every night because she couldn't be bothered to get off the computer and cook or clean her house.

    You know what's funny? She divorced him cuz (she claims) he was SOO mean to her!!!

    Answer by Avarah at 2:15 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • So are you going to answer the question or not? I know your reading these answers. It's a womans job to maintain a house...I understand it being messy time to time but if it's a case like Avarah said then YOU are in the wrong...If that is why you are not answering then your husband has every right to be angry.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:18 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • I would like to add that I disagree with the Anonymous poster above me. I do not feel that it's necessarily a woman's job to maintain a house UNLESS that woman chooses to stay at home. That is a luxury made possible by a man working to support the home and family, and I feel that it's a fair division of labor to then do your part for the family and home, as well.

    When my brother was a SAHD, I argued with him all the time that I thoguht he should be doing the majority of the cleaning and child care, too. :)

    Answer by Avarah at 2:44 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

  • How the fnck are you spending 12 hours a day on the phone or computer!!! Time to turn it off and pay attention to your family.

    PS, if he had to EMAIL you that message you know you have a problem.

    Answer by prettyrayray at 2:48 AM on Oct. 11, 2008

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