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A theory about divorce

Would love to hear your thoughts on this...

I was thinking recently that perhaps one of the reasons the divorce rate in this country has steadily increased to almost 50% of all marriages may be related to the increase in technology and this pervasive belief that everyone needs to know everything about everyone else at all times. Think about it... when our grandparents got married 50-60 years ago, it was common for the husband to go out on sales trips for weeks during which time he and his wife wouldn't speak at all! Nowadays, if a husband and wife don't check in with each other multiple times via facebook, twitter, text messages, voicemails, emails etc. then it's assumed that something is wrong! Additionally, because of all of this, it is WAY too easy to snoop and to find out things that may very well be left unknown. [CONT]

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Asked by arouthier at 2:39 PM on Aug. 31, 2010 in Relationships

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  • [CONT] I'm not suggesting that this is the ONLY reason for the increased divorce rates, but I certainly think it's a contributing factor.

    What do you think?

    Comment by arouthier (original poster) at 2:39 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • thats a pretty broad generalization for millions of people, but it is one good possibility, yes. Out of hundreds, I'm sure :)

    Answer by Zoeyis at 2:41 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • Zoey, as I said, I'm not suggesting that it applies to all people getting divorced. Of course not. I just think there may be a correlation.

    Comment by arouthier (original poster) at 2:42 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • Actually, the divorce rate statistic is HIGHLY inaccurate. It's generated by comparing ALL marriages ending in divorce w/ the number of new marriages performed in a single year. To be accurate, it would need to compare total registered marriages to total divorces. In that case, the rate drops considerably.

    Answer by geminilove at 2:42 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • I'm thinking that the reason for increasing divorce rates is because it's so easy to get married without thinking about the consequences or having the forethought to think it through.

    It's also extremely easy to get a divorce.

    I don't think technology is the's just a reason to get into trouble in the first place regardless of marital status.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 2:44 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • It has certainly made it easier for mates catch their spouses at cheating through email and site searches.

    Answer by anng.atlanta at 2:45 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • I think you have an interesting theory. Although I am still young, I have always felt that technology has gone over board. We don't need television anymore because of the computer and cell phones. Not to mention nanny cams that can be disguised as anything. I can see where some marriages are destroyed because of technology. Not only because a person can check on the other every five minutes or feels that they have to check on the other, but because so much time is actually spent using these devices. There are people who spend hours a day on their computer, PDA, blackberry, IPhone, etc, and they don't spend the necessary time communicating with their significant other. I think you have a good idea.


    Answer by krissyvelazquez at 3:01 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • Technology has been kind and unkind to marriage in many ways. You can say that marriages have been ended by technology but again there are marriages that were begun by technology as well!

    Answer by bjane01 at 3:02 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • Good point, bjane! My best friend met her husband using!

    Comment by arouthier (original poster) at 3:21 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

  • i disagree. there are many reasons why but not really enough space to explain myself. in a nutshell i feel it boils down to the wider acceptability of divorce based on the decreasing power of religion and changing views of religions, the acknowledgement of the frequency of abuse and open communication lines and resources for women, and the general crappy attitude of selfishness and self-centeredness that seems to prevail more and more in this country

    Answer by figaro8895 at 3:30 PM on Aug. 31, 2010

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