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i didnt find out i was preg till i was 13wks cuz my period has always been off. i just thought i had a stomach bug lol. well i was on ativan and vicodin (i had a spianl fusion when i was 12 that causedarthritis and bone spurs in my neck). when i found out i stopped taking them but now that i know im going to be having her soon im freakin out that if they do a drug test and those are in her system they are going to take her. i moved to florida when i was 7 months and i dont have my bottles or anything. any advise

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Asked by momtimes2girls at 4:21 PM on Sep. 4, 2010 in Pregnancy

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  • why would they do a drug test?

    Answer by babyangelromero at 4:27 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • This website tells the sides effects and stuff for taking certain meds. It might help you

    Answer by ladyambition at 4:28 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • So, did not find out you where pregnant tell you where13 weeks/3 months pregnant? You stoped taking the pills then? Now you are like 9 months pregnant and about to have the baby and you are worried about the pills are still in you system? I doubt they still are after 5-6 months.

    Answer by louise2 at 4:28 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • They would be out of her system by know. Second you would have to tell them what you were taking for and they would see you have a perspiration.

    Answer by Raeann11 at 4:30 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • So long as it was all prescription drugs, their would be a medical history to show it all. Now days most all places do electronic filing- it helps a new doctor pull all your information from any other hospital or dr's office you've ever been to. Plus those meds would typically leave your system anyways, and I don't think they'd take her. I had been taking vicodin early on in a pregnancy, and the doctor told me in the early weeks it doesn't absorb into the embryo yet. You quit taking it at a good time. Just make sure your current OB/gyn knows all your history. There's not too much to worry about! Good Luck

    Answer by KariLyn84 at 4:31 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • Your doctor should know ALL this information!! It is really important so they can explain how or if there are any possible side effects. Please don't keep this from your doc because you are scared - it happens all the time. People get pregnant and don't find out until later ALL the time. People get pregnant unintentionally and realize they have been drinking, or using drugs, or any number of things while they were pregnant. It is more important that your doctor know, and be able to treat you appropriately. And I don't know that those drugs from so long ago would show up in a drug test anyway, but if they did, and you had already discussed it openly with your doctor, that's much better than it showing up and nobody knowing about it. Please try not to worry. be honest so your doctor can take care of you and your baby to the best of their ability.

    Answer by getrealmama at 4:32 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • I would talk to your doctor and tell him/her your problem. They should have been testing u for birth defects when u first realized u were pregnant.

    Answer by dancer at 4:33 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • thank you guys. and babyangelromero i think they drug test everybody right? i see him on wed. and we are supposed tot alk options because there has been so many complications. we were supposed to talk last wed but he sent me for a stat ultrasound. her cord is pinched and my fluid wont go above a 6. but i will talk to him. thank you guys

    Comment by momtimes2girls (original poster) at 4:53 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

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