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Please I need some advise about my teen. I have had tried almost everyting to get my daughter organized with her room, is always a messy and she leaves her underweares on the floor.

please somebody help.

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:01 PM on Sep. 4, 2010 in Teens (13-17)

Answers (15)
  • Start throwing stuff away(putting it in a bag and hiding, but, don't let her know) and tell her that anything she leaves out of place with go to Goodwill or such. She will learn real quick.

    Answer by BradenIsMySon at 10:02 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • If she is between 13-17 she can start doing her own laundry. Put a clothes hamper in her room, tell her to put her dirty clothes in it when she takes them off. My dd decorated her clothes hamper. She put a silk sunflower on it and stickers all the way up and down it. We have to use a common room washer and dryer b/c I dont own one. That means we have to get quarters and dd has to have a key to the laundry room. But she does it if she wants clean clothes. good luck mom

    Answer by beyondhopes at 10:08 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • Close her door. At some point she has to become personally responsible for her room. I would encourage her to invite some of her girl-friends over and not only will she gain some personal responsibility, but there is some social responsibility attached to it as well. Her friends will hold her accountable for her room when they come over and see it...and if they don't, just keep her door closed.

    I was a super slob when I was a teenager - I'm not a neat freak now, but I do keep a clean and presentable house. Your daughter will likely out-grow her slobbiness too.

    Keep your cool about it and keep her door closed and maybe even allow her to invite a boy to come over once in a while - Don't let them go in her room (obviously) but you can take newcomers on a "tour of the house" and show him her room (or at least threaten to do it).

    Answer by texassahm at 10:10 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • I pick and choose my battles and having my kids room be messy is a worthless is their space, close the door and let them deal with it...However never allow dishes in the bedrooms, they get forgotten and attract bugs

    Answer by togo90210 at 10:19 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • sounds normal to me. I was that way as a teenager. I remember coming home and my Mom had cleaned my room and I felt that she had violated my private space. I yelled, screams and opened all my drawers and strarted throwing things all over the place. I was furious.

    She is old enough to be responsible for her own laundry. Teach her to use the washer and dryer, make it her responisbility to wash, dry, fold and store her own clothes.

    Keep the door closed if it bothers you. The other plus of that is that the dirty clothes will make her room stink and she will clean it herself

    Answer by Maureen-MD at 10:21 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • I agree with Texassahm - she is old enough to be responsible for her own laundry and her own belongings. Tell her she has to wash her own clothes (show her how if she doesn't know) and REFUSE to wash her laundry for her.

    I think that a teen's room needs to be "their personal space" and as long as she keeps her door closed, she should be free to leave it messy. That way SHE is the one that is embarrassed by her room if you have company come over, and SHE is responsible for making it look presentable for her friends.

    Answer by WomanWitty at 10:26 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • Pick and choose your battles. I agree with most PP, she's old enough to be responsible for her own clothes... if she wants to have clothes to wear she needs to do her own laundry etc.

    Her room... as long as its not a biohazard... close the door and forget about it. Messiness is pretty normal at her age and when she can't find something... her responsibility. Leave it in her hands....

    other than that... there's always the old stand by... you can't go out till you clean up.

    Answer by MamiJaAyla at 11:16 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • Do not clean her room, when she has no clothes to wear and she comes to mama tell her to wash her own clothes and get her room clean or you will stop doing things for . This worked with my 14 yr old she now cleans her room, washes her clothes, and when she wants to go with me to the store she has to leave her cell phone home. It was tough at first, but she's ok now. GOOD LUCK!!!

    Answer by sherryv07 at 11:22 PM on Sep. 4, 2010

  • My daughters are the same way. My oldest, 15, does her own laundry. It's a constant thing. Pick it up~ put it away... IDK.

    Answer by mp3mom at 1:22 AM on Sep. 5, 2010

  • My daughter was a tornado. Through their teen years, I had to pick my battles and I chose to let this one go. Our house rule was if I can smell it, see if it was a fire hazard because she can't get out the door, she had to clean it! It does come back around they say, haha, she's a senior in college and her dorm room is better this year! haha (don't get your hopes up too high - it's not neat, it's just better - hahaha)

    Answer by MomIWant at 10:43 AM on Sep. 5, 2010

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