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Can I make my brown hair blond like a model?

my hair is dark brown

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Asked by janeq123 at 6:40 PM on Sep. 5, 2010 in Beauty & Style

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Answers (11)
  • yeah just use a salon to do it cause you might turn your hair

    Answer by pinkdena at 6:41 PM on Sep. 5, 2010

  • Go to a professional or you will be paying a lot more for a corrective color once all hell breaks loose. I can't tell you how many times......sheesh! Also, it will not be cheap, either way. There will be upkeep needed, and you need to make sure you have the correct tone of blonde or you will end up looking washed out or beet red! Retouching is much more frequently needed with brunetts who are platinum blondes. But....they are job security!lol

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 6:46 PM on Sep. 5, 2010

  • You can buy a bleaching kit and bleach it, then find your color and it will work. :)

    Answer by Memigen at 6:51 PM on Sep. 5, 2010

  • I did at home once using Born Blond Maxi. The irritating part was that my roots would start to show quickly which made upkeep a pain. I decided it wasn't worth it. If you do try an at home treatment and your hair turns out orange go to a beauty supply store and buy blue/violet hair color. Not real actual blue really, LOL. The salesperson can show you what you need, I had to do that once.

    Answer by FroggyFeet at 6:52 PM on Sep. 5, 2010

  • I think you would be better off keeping your natural color and adding some compatible highlights, that are 2-3 shades lighter than your natural color. I would have them done professionally first, then there are some great at home kits you can buy that are very inexpensive, and you can do all by yourself!

    I used to have mine done professionally, and would spend over $200 every 3-4 months, now I spend about $12 to do them myself every 3 months, my co-workers think I have them done professionally.

    Answer by LoriKeet at 7:05 PM on Sep. 5, 2010

  • I think telling someone to do it themselves because it worked for you is risky. What works on one hairtype could be disasterous. And blue violet is a toner used to combat an unwanted color. It doesn't just magically work on anyone. Do you know what the law of color is? Do you know how to cancle out orange or yellow? Can't tell you how many times have I fixed crap from do it yourselfers because it worked for their friend so they thought it would work on them. Do you know where to apply bleach first, second, and last? What volume to use? How to not fry your hair? You can't just dump bleach on your head. Going from dark brown to platinum is not easy. Not to mention, it can look pretty trashy if it's over processed.....have you ever had a chemical haircut? But, I guess suit yourself! :)

    Answer by Musicmom80 at 7:17 PM on Sep. 5, 2010

  • yes you can by seeking a salon stylist..

    (if you live in western ny you can pm me, I'm a stylist).

    but PLEASE seek a stylist.. do it yourself can cause calico colored hair.. with blotchy orange, etc.. not to mention over processing, and a NUMBER of other problems that can come up if you aren't a professional.

    and while I don't mind tripling my money on the color correction for clients that try this and end up coming to me.. I'd prefer you come to me first so we dont' over compromise the hair.

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 11:49 PM on Sep. 5, 2010

  • LMAO musicwoman, you took the words right out of my mouth!!!

    Blue/violet doesn't cancel out red/orange froggyfeet!! And no you don't just go to the store and get blue/violet hair color.. there are special toners you'd use on it to help cancel out the tones you don't want in your hair. If she screws up and buys a kicker on accident, guess what.. SHE"S GOING TO HAVE BLUE HAIR!!

    Not only that.. but it depends on if the hair is virgin or not.. if it's virgin.. you don't just want to slop on bleach or you'll end up with baby blonde roots and who knows on the ends.. but the middle will be nice and orange..

    if it's not, that could be even worse becauseYOU don't know what you are pulling.

    this is of course so long as she doens't give herself a chemical hair cut from over processing..

    seriously NEVER suggest to someone to go ahead and bleach their own hair.. if she wants it done she should seek a stylist!!

    Answer by xxhazeldovexx at 12:07 AM on Sep. 6, 2010

  • Allright Jane, please take my advice... I've got dark brown hair, and have gone blonde a few times. It CAN be done, but it's expensive, a LOT of work and a lot of maintenance. If you do it, be ready to change your whole makeup and style routine; you'll always look sunburnt and colors that used to flatter you will look like crap. I went back to dark hair after 2 months b/c I couldn't stand it anymore.

    Answer by Kassey713 at 1:46 PM on Sep. 6, 2010

  • You can if you go to a very good stylist. I am always wanted to get the platinum blond color, but it's very hard to achieve. It takes a very experienced stylist to know how to get your hair that shade. Most stylists, without experience, panic when they start to see the orange come out in your hair, they tend to rinse it out too fast. That leaves you with brassiness, which is NOT our friend. It's worth it to pay a very expensive stylist to get your hair that color.

    Answer by m-avi at 2:42 PM on Sep. 6, 2010

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