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this must be a dying trend....but it still kinda hurt my feelings.

We had a new neighbor move in the other day. Today I brought her food. I wanted to welcome her to the neighborhood & plus she is pregnant. She hardly even said thank you. It kinda hurt my feelings. Do you welcome new neighbors?

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Asked by stressedmomma13 at 1:55 AM on Sep. 7, 2010 in Home & Garden

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  • I wouldn't worry about it, she just moved in and she is pregnant. I'll bet when she is unpacked and not so busy, she'll be a little more social

    Answer by zakityzak at 1:58 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • Some things you just have to let roll off. Maybe she was having a bad day. Get to know her first before you write her off from the first meeting because she didn't say 'thank you' on how you thought she should..even though it would've been the proper way for her to introduce herself. :)

    Answer by SparklingHope at 1:59 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • My husband and I moved into our first house a year ago... When we moved in nobody really welcomed us to the neighborhood... well not at first! We were here a few months at least before a few of our neighbors came and said Hi or welcome to the neighborhood but they did wave to us a lot! I think that maybe some people just dont know who other people are now days... Maybe they are afraid of rejection or something... I think that if a new neighbor moved in in my neighborhood I would like to say I would go over and introduce myself but I really honestly am not that type of person... Im a shy person that is more.... to my self! But then again, who knows! If they seemed like nice people then Im thinkin it would make introducing myself a lot easier! Not sure though! My parents never did it and out of the 10 times I have moved in my adult life, I have NEVER ONCE had a neighbor come introduce themselves! Sad, I know!

    Answer by sxc_mom_of2 at 2:01 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • Hell no I do not and would not ever!!! That's disgusting, I would be grossed out and would not accept homemade food from some stranger!!!!! Ewwwwww, just the thought makes my skin crawl!! I do not trust anyone, especially strangers who are not working under any law to serve me safe food. I plan on taking my 2 year old trick-or treating for Halloween this year but there is no way I would ever let my child ingest even one single piece of candy from ANYONE (even family members)other than myself. Actually I have never let my son eat candy yet in 2 years (not a single taste or bite) and I doubt I will then. (Shivers!!!!) ewwww, that just totally grossed and freeked me out just reading that.

    Answer by truthteller0722 at 2:27 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • Truthteller0722, even those working under the law in connection with food is no guarantee that what you're eating is safe.

    Answer by FootballMom85 at 7:04 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • So, did she not say thank you at all? Or were you expecting some kind of super duper thank you? I have a friend who will not except just a simple "thank you". She expects people to send her cards & practically crawl at her feet to thank her. There have been times when all i said was "thank you, that's cool" and this was not enough for her. She would call me telling me that she thinks i do not appreciate the things she does for annoying that my thank you was not enough for you. Anyhow, here is a word of advice. NEVER, EVER give anything to anyone if you expect gratitude. This is not a reason to give. Give with no expectations at all & you will not have any hurt feelings.

    Answer by samurai_chica at 7:17 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • Yes, I think it's a dying trend. Very sad. I did it for years and the last couple of times I was met with such strange reactions. One lady said this is very nice but my husband will be the freindly one, I keep to myself. I guess I should have thanked her for the warning!! The last few years I have been the new one in the neighborhood and I had to say hello to the neighbors when I saw them outside. No one came over and said hi. Your neighbor doesn't know how truly lucky she is to have you nearby.

    Answer by elizabr at 7:49 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • I'm with samurai in being curious if you were expecting a super duper thank you? Are you expecting more than maybe what her personality allows? I'm not one of those overly effusive people either, and I have a SISTER who gets offended really easily. One time, it was over me not getting all bouncy and giggly over a pair of socks she brought me. I said thank you, but apparently I didn't weep with gratitude, or something. So make sure your expectations aren't too high.
    Also, your neighbor is pregnant AND moving. It's such a stressful time, you can't find anything, you're worried about things getting broken, you have to clean before you put stuff away because you don't know who cleaned it prior, or what kind of a job they did, etc. Add to all of that stress being pregnant, hormonal, and probably tired. Personally, I would not be the most welcoming neighbor, even if you came bearing gifts of chocolate.

    Answer by JawgaMom1 at 8:07 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • Well, you dropped by unexpectedly and she wasn't prepared, so let it roll off your back. She may remember to thank you later. I have to say that we have moved many times and not once has someone came over and welcomed us to the neighborhood. We bought our current house 10 years ago and it was a very long time before anyone even spoke to us for the first time. They waved when we drove by, but we didn't have even the slightest conversation for a long long time. People are just busy and self absorbed these days. I'm not saying it's ok, because it would be really nice if everyone was warm and welcoming, but I would guess they don't want to be involved in anyone else's business.

    Answer by slw123 at 8:52 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • That was really nice of you! I think I'd just bring a plant b/c it might be strange to get food from someone you don't know. And, in this day and age you can't be to careful, especially when your preggers. She might also be a bit overwhelmed and realize later that she didn't say much.


    Answer by Morgain at 11:39 AM on Sep. 7, 2010

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