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What to do next?

I have the literature: Taking Charge of Your Fertility and Personal Path to Pregnancy. Have put the healthier diet to use as well as exercising and both of us are taking multivitamins for the past 6 months. I chart my BBT's every morning and my CM. We are timing our intercourse accordingly and seemt to be 'trying' at my most fertile days.

THere are so many things out there to try and to take as supplements......where do you draw the line? And, what have your tried that has worked for you?


Asked by miraclewaits at 1:48 PM on Sep. 7, 2010 in Trying to Conceive

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Answers (6)
  • You didn't note if you were in fact ovulating or if the CM was fertile. Meaning that you can do all the steps but not have the results. Assuming that you are ovulating (based upon your temps) if you don't have enough fertile CM then the sperm will not make it to the egg. In that case you can try a product called Pre-Seed to help out with that. If you aren't ovulating, then you will need to see a doctor. On the plus side, you have your charts that will help to guide them. GL!

    Answer by Jademom07 at 1:55 PM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • Or, it could be him and problems with low count or motility.

    Answer by Jademom07 at 1:55 PM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • Sorry you are not getting pregnant. But for lots of women it takes 6 to 12 months to get pregnant. If after a year you are not pregnant. Then you can see your Dr and they will send you to a fertility dr. Don't just have sex when you think you are ovulating or most fertile. Have sex every two to three days. Since sperm can live for up to 5 days. Good luck

    Answer by Raeann11 at 1:57 PM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • I am having watery - egg white CM each month and my temps also seem to confirm once ovulation has taken place. I do OPK's as well that have seemed to help and we do use Pre Seed when 'trying' for a baby each month. I am always a 29 day cycle and have 6 day periods. My cycle has seemed to work like clockwork since I was 12; lucky for me, I guess.

    I think the next step for us, is more fertility testing. We took this route 9 years ago now. We finally were pregnant this year but I m/c in June so now, we are excited about being able to get pregnant and want to again as we were told that our baby probably m/c due to some chromosomal problems.

    Comment by miraclewaits (original poster) at 2:02 PM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • robitussin ( sp) it actually was reffered to me by my aunt who had fertility problems her dr suggested it saying it preps the lining of the uterus i took it and i was pregnant my first cycle of trying, granted i didnt have problems getting pregnant i had problems staying pregnant so i just wanted to make it as nice as i could lol i stopped taking it a few day after ovulation

    Answer by Kre10 at 2:54 PM on Sep. 7, 2010

  • We are doing more testing in the 22nd with our Nurse Practitioner who will refer us if we need to be. Our testing was done 9 years ago and we actually got pregnant this spring without even trying! Well, I wasn't fixated on trying, anyway. LOL! The only thing they found out then was that HB has a low sperm count but not so low that it was a concern. Nothing could be found on me and stil it was 9 years later. Anyhow, I was thinking of just giving the Robitussin a try. Now, do you just take the recommended dosage once/day until you ovulate? Do you just start taking it after your period up until you believe you have ovulated?
    And, it is supposed to be the expectorant kind, not the cough suppressant, right?
    I don't want to be on too many things but if I were to take my multivitamin along with the Robitussin (once/daily?) it couldn't hurt.

    Comment by miraclewaits (original poster) at 3:16 PM on Sep. 7, 2010