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What do you do when your daughter cries rape?

My daughter said that this boy raped her he says he didn't the rape kit said no penetration but she said he touched her in her private parts. I don't know what to believe I'm at a complete loss and to make matters worse she is not with me this summer.

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Asked by Anonymous at 10:43 PM on Jun. 30, 2008 in Teens (13-17)

Answers (17)
  • i would just support her even if u dont believe her it would hurt her worse to feel like ur weren't on her side try a thearpist or hypno therapist see what happens and if her stories changes or a lie dector test?

    Answer by Patience1 at 10:45 PM on Jun. 30, 2008

  • suport her -

    Answer by vakatia at 11:19 PM on Jun. 30, 2008

  • Is it possible she misunderstood the definition of rape? Maybe she thought touching was rape. I would take the time to define important words like that. Many times we assume these youngsters know what words mean but they have not had the real experiences to know exactly what words/terms mean.

    Answer by admckenzie at 11:47 PM on Jun. 30, 2008

  • you beleive her. period. what kind of question is this? if she says it happened, you must beleive her until you have solid indeniable proof that he didnt. people don't lie about this as often as the media would lead you to beleive.

    Answer by princezzmommie at 12:37 AM on Jul. 1, 2008

  • Can you get her home? Rape stays forever, so does all the memories of how loved ones reacted to it. Please listen why would she say if it did not happen. I hope you can find your way to her now, she needs her mommy.

    Answer by rosetoes at 4:01 AM on Jul. 1, 2008

  • You have to believe your daughter. Most young ladies don't actually "cry rape". Something is definitely going on and as her mother who she trusts and loves, you have to let her know that she can come to you and tell you anything and you will take care of her. I know it may be hard for you to accept that something like this may have happened to your daughter, but it happens a lot more than many realize. Please take the time and investigate your daughter's allegations. Don't ever let this go.
    How old is your daughter and the boy? Is there a reason she would make something like this up?

    Answer by makeitlast4ever at 10:05 AM on Jul. 1, 2008

  • absolutely believe your daughter. This is one of those times that it does not pay to error on the side of caution.
    Good Luck to her and your family.

    Answer by mamakirs at 2:03 PM on Jul. 1, 2008

  • She's your daughter so be there for her and support her.

    Answer by Feridust at 5:54 PM on Jul. 1, 2008

  • Ok this is what happened the boy was bothering her outside and she went to go home but instead of going in the house she went in the backyard. this is where she said he violated her that he took her pants down and place her private part on hers but according to rape kit he did not penetrate.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:12 PM on Jul. 1, 2008

  • rewind to the school year. during the spring she was not wanting to go to school so I asked her why she all of a sudden didn't want to go to school. she said that this boy in school was touching her and the teachers and a counselor saw him and didn't do anything about it. she is in a special school for emotional disabilities so the counselor calls me for everything but she didn't call for this which was a shock to me so when i asked the counselor she said that there were never any incidences reported or they would have had him removed from the school.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:14 PM on Jul. 1, 2008

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