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Any good Advice on House Breaking a 10 week Old Puppy?

I have Pomeranian Puppy.. He is so sweet but still wants to pee and poop in the house.. I have him on a feeding schedule... My house reeks of pee.. I HAVE to shampoo tomorrow..


Asked by emturner at 11:19 PM on Oct. 14, 2008 in Pets

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Answers (8)
  • Great advice from the pp. A couple of things that I I would add would be to make sure the crate is appropriate for his size and to get a bell. When my golden was a pup our front door was in a small hallway. He would sleep by the door and when he had to go out, he would get up and sit there waiting for me. If I wasn't watching I would miss it. I hung a bell on the door and taught him to ring it when he wanted to go outside. I would ring it and say "go potty". He quickly learned to ring the bell.

    Make sure that if you crate train it is not too big for him. He must learn that it is not appropriate to eliminate in the crate b/c that is where he sleeps. If it is too big, he will use the corner and still be able to get on his bed away from it. The crate is a place of comfort. If he has an accident, never punish him by putting him in there. Keep in mind, smaller dogs take longer to train. Good luck.

    Answer by aggiechristie at 12:34 AM on Oct. 15, 2008

  • Crate training is a very important part of potty-training. Make sure you crate at night and when you leave the house. Take him out immediately when you wake up and immediately upon arriving home. Take him out after he eats, drinks, or plays as well. Tell him to "go potty" initially AS HE'S DOIN' HIS BUSINESS until he makes the connection between what you're sayin' and what he's doin'. As time goes on, you can tell him to "go potty" each time you take him out, and he'll understand what you want him to do. Plenty of praise when he does what you've asked him to do or you find the crate clean. DON'T scold if he didn't make it. Good luck!

    Answer by ProudTexan71 at 11:28 PM on Oct. 14, 2008

  • Yeah . . I also used the bell. It was weird because the bell was just a Christmas decoration and a couple of times my dog rang it by accident I guess . . well I took her out immediately because I thought . . HOW great would that be . . . well it stuck and she always rang the bell to go out. Now, I moved and I have a fenced in yard, so letting her out to pee is SO MUCH easier than taking her for walks so we no longer use the bell. Also, buy some little treats and every time after he goes . .give the treat and say "Good boy go potty" . . this helped when she was a puppy to see that going potty is a good thing. Good luck!! Oh, I also heard not to let the puppy see you cleaning the mess up . . not sure why.

    Answer by BridgetC140 at 1:52 AM on Oct. 15, 2008

  • you need to say "go outside" first and then when out side you say "go potty" becuase when puppy learns what go potty means and you say it in the house, the dog may get confused and think, ok, im gonna go potty in the house.. i have an 11 week old pup and im still having the same problem. she knows what go outside means, and she knows what go potty and go poop means. praise your pup while she is peeing. but they're just pains in the asses sometimes and i still have messes. not as bad as when we got her though.

    Answer by tnteaton at 2:34 AM on Oct. 15, 2008

  • When you take your pup out to relieve herself, do you walk around the yard, making sure she has plenty of time to explore the "right" place to "potty"? And, once she does drop & squat, you MUST tell her "GOOD GIRL!" "PEE-PEE OUTSIDE!! SUCH A GOOD DOGGIE!" this has worked for me with more than 5 puppies at the same time! AND, give a doggy treat IF they"potty outside" Be sure tro praise her the very moment she drops & squats! THEN GIVE A TREAT! ~ and walk around for another minute or two, "just in case"( there could be more!) DO NOT BE IN A HURRY WHEN HOUSE BREAKING A PUP! keep it fun & positive. Vinegar will help kill the urine odors, if used to wipe up the puddles quickly.

    Answer by 25beengoodtome at 12:12 PM on Oct. 15, 2008

  • I never used a crate with either of my dogs and never had a problem with them and potty training. I would get up first thing in the morning and go out and tell him to 'go pee pee' or 'go potty' and wait until he did and then praise the heck out of them. Then we would go in the house and he would eat or sleep or play and then I would take him out again. The first week or so it seemed like I spent A LOT of the day going outside, but he learned really fast and never had an accident in the house. Also I took the food and water and put it up at night so he wouldn't eat in the middle of the night and have to go. Just keep at it. You can see how happy the dog is when they do good and get all that praise!!

    Answer by jenniferlee_12 at 12:45 PM on Oct. 15, 2008

  • I work at PetSmart and every week we have a free potty training class for the public. If you go to your local one they should give you info about it.

    Answer by MarlyeGirl at 2:06 PM on Oct. 15, 2008

  • We hung bells on the doors, too, so that the dogs and even our cat would ring to go outside. Forgot about that...great tip!

    Answer by ProudTexan71 at 3:10 PM on Oct. 15, 2008