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Whats a good way to get my (almost) 3yr old to clean up his messes??

My son LOVES to make messes.. Its toys, food, garbage,, whatever he can get his hands on.. Well I want him to learn how to pick up his messes, but everytime I tell him to pick up something he tells me no mom you do it.. What ways can I use to get him to listen.. Somedays he picks up after himself but most days he wont, not matter what I say or do, and time out doesnt work either..

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Asked by AirforceWife654 at 6:36 PM on Sep. 10, 2010 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (7)
  • I think you will have to work with him to get him used to the idea that he needs to pick up the toys and so forth. It's kind of a learned skill to be neat and tiddy. Some kids take longer to get the hang of the idea that mom could use some help.

    Answer by CafeMochaMom1 at 7:41 PM on Sep. 10, 2010

  • Here is what I do, and it has seemed to work fairly well. I have (that are able to comprehend this) a 6 year old daughter, a 4 year old son, and a 3 year old daughter. I ask them to do something ONE time. If they do not do whatever it was I asked them to do, the first time. Then the next time one of them asks me for something, I say no. When they ask why (like kids all inevitably do when they are told no). I explain to them "I asked you to pick up your toys (or whatever). You did not do what I asked you do to, so I am not going to do what you ask me to do". Trust me, even at three years old they catch on REAL quick... especially if they want a drink, or to watch TV, or whatever. Just try it :)

    Answer by SAHMomOf3 at 8:39 PM on Sep. 10, 2010

  • if my son doesn't pick something up- I take it away for a few days. I remind him of his toy that was taken away for the next few days like "its too bad we can't play legos right now... I had to take them away because you wouldn't help clean up..."
    also, I tell him to pick up one toy/group of toys before he moves onto another activity (lunch, park, etc...).
    I hope this helps:)

    Answer by bloomsr at 11:33 PM on Sep. 10, 2010

  • I got my son certain bins for certain toys and made it fun for him to sort them and put them up and then there was always a reward for doing a good job. He is older now and still is really good about cleaning up.

    Answer by KTMOM at 10:03 AM on Sep. 11, 2010

  • I have this problem too. If she doesn't clean up, I take it away.

    Answer by Ashlynnsmommy07 at 3:39 PM on Sep. 11, 2010

  • i just tell them to do it.. if they dont than time out

    Answer by busybumblebe848 at 7:36 PM on Sep. 11, 2010

  • instead of telling him to do it... why not 'play" a game with him to get him to do it? my 3 and 2 year old have a blast tossing clothing out of their hamper... so i let them... as long as they are tossing it INTO the mud room...
    we got baskets and make a game of tossing toys into them... who can do it the fastest, who can do the most... the furthest away, etc (within reason of course... we aren't talking about tossing books... rather stuffed animals and dress up stuff)...
    if it's food... buy him a small broom and let him help sweep it up...
    i don't tell my girls they have to clean up... because then they are given the option to refuse... but what 2 or 3 year old can refuse a fun game?

    Answer by asil at 9:30 PM on Sep. 11, 2010

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