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PLEASE anyone..your advice is needed. My 5 yr old is having a prob. bed-wetting.

Hubby and I have tried everything from cutting off drinks after 7pm, ensuring she goes potty B4 bedtime, waking her in middle of the night to potty.. nothing is working. She's the only one out of 5 kids who's had this problem... we even switched 2 a air mattress (so we can bleach & hose it off) she shares a room with lil' sis (4) who's fully potty trained. The room always smells of urine because she wets and I'm washing sheets/towels on a daily basis.. Help!

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Asked by thomaspartyof7 at 11:27 AM on Oct. 16, 2008 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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  • I am sorry you have to go through all of this. My child is 8 years old adn still has a problem. I have had him to a urologist which they won't usually do until they hit 7-8 yo. If they have no problems the only thing that they can do is give him meds. However, I don't think meds are nessicary. My child does have a hard time dealing with it. But he has overcame most of it. The one thing was told that actually helped. Very well was to stop all liquid 1 1/2 hours before bedtime, except one small drink after teeth brushing. And make sure they go to potty, right before bed. That is all I really can tell ya. Except if you will get one of those plastic sheets to put over the bed. It will help out alot. The smell doesn't get into the matress. You can also buy little thick type sheet things that you put under your childs bottom. It will suck up most of the pee if not all and then you don't have to do sheets.

    Answer by lovinmomto3 at 11:44 AM on Oct. 16, 2008

  • There are three possible problems: she is such a deep sleeper that she doesn't even know she has to go (or has gone), her bladder is too small to make it all night, her body doesn't slow down urine production during the night like it's supposed to. None of these are her fault or because she is a baby - make sure SHE knows that!

    Get a waterproof mattress cover to protect the mattress.

    Get a betwetting alarm. You can get one at most medical supply stores (look in the phone book) or online at places like These help retrain her sleeping brain so it will hear that "I've got to GO" warning and will wake up in time to go. It can take a while or it can work quick. My parent's got one for me 35 years ago and it worked in one night.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 11:46 AM on Oct. 16, 2008

  • For on give her back her bed get a plastic cover which goes under the sheet. Second try the night underwear that is there made i think Huggies. it will help with that. My oldest had the same problem this is the best way we fixed it.

    Answer by waterwiccan at 1:08 PM on Oct. 16, 2008

  • what does she eat before bed ? does she have a snack ? my daughter had this problem and we tried many different things and nothing worked but finally i noticed and this may sound weird but fruit snacks worked but it was the only time she got them too and i have also tried with my son popcorn and dried yogurt covered cheerios and this also worked with him and my youngest sister and it is just enough to absorb the liquid in thjeir system and keep them from wetting....

    Answer by reckgeth2 at 1:14 PM on Oct. 16, 2008

  • As a former bed wetter myself, I know that often it is a physical issue (usually a deep sleeper) and there is NOTHING you can do. My parents tried EVERYTHING with me. I was the only child out of 5 kids who had this problem. I finally outgrew it at age 12. My advice to you it to buy her some "goodnights" and forget about it. With my DH a former bedwetter too I knew the odds were stacked against my kids. I simply kept them in goodnights until they started being dry for a couple of weeks. My younger son outgrew it at 6 years old. My 8 yr old still wears the goodnights. Buy her a pack of those and leave her alone. She will outgrow the problem.

    Answer by maggiemom2000 at 11:50 AM on Oct. 17, 2008

  • I agree with comment about the alarm. Got a regular alarm clock for my stepson and within a week he was waking up on his own.

    Good luck!

    Answer by mwebb at 9:31 PM on Oct. 17, 2008

  • put her in pull ups cause this is hard enough then to add washing sheets also!
    pull ups wont give her a way out of it cause she obviously doenst care that she is already sleeping in pee - but this is way too unsanitary to just let it slide!

    Answer by vakatia at 6:05 PM on Oct. 18, 2008

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