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my 9 year old son asked me what a period was. not sure how to answer, do i explain or play dumb and send him to ask his dad?

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Asked by hollieshobbie at 9:17 AM on Sep. 14, 2010 in Tweens (9-12)

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Answers (13)
  • Try to explain it to him in lamence terms. He is a 9 year old boy so he doesn't need a super thourough explanation. :) And sending him to dad is going to result in dad sending him back to you, lol.

    Answer by Memigen at 9:20 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • you should just answer questions as he asks. My 8 year old dd knows what it is. Just be glad he comes to want him to keep coming you for answers so give him a good one. My brother told his boys it is when their mom is in when the dogs are in heat and need a diaper. Trust me you dont want your hubby giving the lesson lol.

    Answer by ria7 at 9:25 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • lol. Thanks for the morning laugh. He is old enough to be told. Just tell him that when girls get old enough their body changes and they get this. He will ask what he wants to know. Just answer what he asks. Better he knows the truth from you than some of the things the kids explain to each other at school. Keep your humor... :-)

    Answer by LeJane at 9:25 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • My boys were told it is the one week out of the month that mom gets pissy kinda like Hulk. lol. I had 2 explain it a little better and I explain truthfully. Not TMI, but they have a good ides what it really is. =)

    Answer by Caoimhe_Oona at 9:43 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • Be honest with him. There is no sense in lying to a child for any reason. He's going to know eventually, if he's curious now you might as well let him know.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 9:51 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • I have 3 boys, and when they asked me questions I would first ask them what they knew about it. Sometimes their answers told me exactly what information they needed. Then I just answered all of their questions honestly and simply. If they asked for more details I gave them, but most of the time the simple answer satisfied them, and as they got older they would ask for more. However, when they hit about 12 or 13, and had "lifeskills" in school, I sat down and had "The Talk" with them. I tried to be clear and accurate, and answer all of their questions.

    Sometimes it was embarrassing or difficult to talk to them about these things, but I tried never to show that. I wanted them to know we could always talk.

    My husband always procrastinated about talking to them. Guess what.....even now as adults (18, 21 & 28) if they need to talk about something important, they come to me.......well, as far as I know anyway!!

    Answer by ohwrite at 9:55 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • I would tell him exactly what it is. He wants to know, needs to know and asked. So, tell him. Don't lie or try to hide facts or keep him in the dark. My son is now 14, but, he has dispelled so many myths for kids at school because he is well informed and knows what I know.

    He just told someone yesterday that you can have a kid before 16 and that you don't have to have a period yet for it to happen. He also had to tell them that no, you don't have to be on your period to get pregnant, that it can happen at any time and there is more of a chance between periods than while on it. It's sad how many people, not just kids are super uninformed.

    Answer by BradenIsMySon at 10:20 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • be glad he came to you. answer the best you can. my 9 year old knows what it is and what to expect but my almost 8 year old does not yet.

    Answer by sherryb1273 at 11:00 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • Please tell him the truth in terms he can understand. Keep it simple. You don't want the "wrong" person to answer those types of questions for him. My children always have been able to ask me ANY thing and I answer to the best of my knowledge. Others try to sugar coat it but be simple and straight with your answers. Others give false info that my sound good but ruin the true meaning in the long run. Stay simple and to the point and everything should work out fine.

    Answer by nehi81 at 11:31 AM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • My son asked me when he was 4, and I told him the truth. I believe being honest about all that encompasses the body and sex is important. Explaining that mothers bleed because their body was preparing for a baby that will not be coming is normal and easy to explain. After I told my son at 4 all he said was I'm glad I'm not a girl. :) My 9 year old has known for awhile as well.
    Honesty is really the best policy, this way they know they can trust you to give them the truth and the can be more comfortable asking you questions in the future.

    Answer by blessedwboysx3 at 12:18 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

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