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would you let your dentist?

so my dd has to get some dental work done, fillings. we took her in and they were going to give her the laughing gas. (she is 5 and absolutely terrified of the dentist, needles, doctors, any thing like that.) so she doesn't cooperate well. they began to tell me their plans before starting anything, this is their plan of action: the dentist wanted to restrain her before even starting the laughing gas! i don't understand how restraining a child is going to help calm them! then they told me that if she still wouldn't calm down after being restrained and getting the laughing gas they would ask me to leave the room! so what they can pin her down and hold her mouth opened while they fill 4 teeth and extract 1?! i don't think so! well, we ended up leaving and getting a referal for a surgical dentist who will fully put her out for the procedure. and i won't be taking my dd to this dentist anymore! what would you have done?


Asked by nickellmomof2 at 6:01 PM on Sep. 14, 2010 in General Parenting

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Answers (9)
  • Why would they ask you to leave? Because they would do something they shouldn't. Good for you for seeing the warning signs and leaving. That isn't right.

    Answer by whiteroses82 at 7:11 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • Yeah, I don't think I would keep that dentist.

    Answer by Dr.Donna at 6:02 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • I did exactly what you did. I left. We drive an hour and a half to the dentist so that my daughter is treated with respect. Strapping a child down would be very traumatic.... oh and putting her under will be hard too. Make sure she knows what is going on..... that she will be put to sleep and will wake up with her teeth fixed.

    Answer by Mommy2Gabrielle at 6:03 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • I am with you! GREAT JOB Momma! Following your gut and looking for another doctor! So many people would have let them do it anyway just so they didn't make waves. You have a great instinct and I applaud you for following it! WOOT! WOOT! Nickellmomof2 ROCKS!

    Answer by SleepingBeautee at 6:03 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • First off I have never met a dentist who would do fillings on a five year old. Second RESTRAIN!? OMG NO, good job momma, definately would have left

    Answer by browningmom at 6:06 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • Yes, I would have done the same thing...thats just wrong! Dh told me a story of when he got his teeth pulled at like age 7. They tried to give him the novacaine(sp?) and when he saw the huge needle he freaked out and was kicking and everything and even bit the dentiste so they ended up restraining him on the floor and pulling out his teeth on the floor with out the novacaine! And his grandparents were perfectly fine with it!

    Answer by Lobelia at 6:35 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • NO WAY!!!!!!!! You did the right thing. I watched an undercover video once of a dentist thaat wouldn't let parents go back. It was upsetting to me. The children were strapped to their seats and their mouths held opened while the procedures were done. THe children were crying. I am not saying all the dentists do this, just this one on the video did, It made me think.

    Answer by Bugbait at 6:38 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • Good work Momma. Restraining a child for a dental procedure, that is just punishment. No wonder your daughter hates dentists and doctors. I would have been so upset

    Answer by soccerfanatic14 at 11:21 PM on Sep. 14, 2010

  • We had the work done in a surgical area for my ds. I delayed going to a dentist because it was hard to find one that would let me go back, and I wasn't going to allow that. I was traumatized as a child by a dentist and his assistant holding me down (knee on my chest!) At your dd's age! And I was struggling because I could feel them drilling, but they wouldn't listen to me. And of course my mom was in the waiting room. I applaud you for not allowing these people to scar your daughter for life.

    Answer by Austinsmom35 at 9:35 AM on Sep. 15, 2010