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My oldest son is 4 years old. Sometimes, i notice that there are a lot of bubbles in the his pee (in the toilet bowl). My mom said that a child's urine (if normal) should be clear and bubble free. Bubble in pee can signify a problem with the kidney (according to my mom). So, i just need advise. Anyone with similar problem?

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Asked by tiqntchai at 2:09 PM on Oct. 17, 2008 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • any liquid thats traveling a distance will cause bubbles. If hes standing when he goes then that could be why. If your really concerned then call your dr.s office and talk to a nurse. I have never heard anything like that before so try not to listen to what others say about health unless they are a Dr. It could be an old wives tail :)

    Answer by Steph319 at 2:16 PM on Oct. 17, 2008

  • tale* lol

    Answer by Steph319 at 2:17 PM on Oct. 17, 2008

  • hey, it doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong. his pee doesn't need to be clear either. if he doesn't get tons of water it wont be. the bubbles just come from the liquids he is consuming, like juices and sodas. if he isn't expressing any pain when he pees or there is nothing else wrong with him the pee isn't a sign of anything other than not enough water. which isn't anything to worry about.


    Answer by KristaRene at 2:18 PM on Oct. 17, 2008

  • Is your pee clear? Probably not. Are you healthy? Presumably so.

    The color of your urine can be contributed to a few things, the most common of which are: Hydration as well as being effected by something you have drank that day (for example - If i have an energy drink, my pee has a kinda neon tinge to it)

    My SO has bubbles in the toilet when he pee's too. Guess what? Just like the first poster said, any liquid coming down from any height is going to cause bubbles. Go to your sink, and get a glass of water. When the water comes in on itself do you see bubbles? I do sometimes. Does my water have a kidney infection? God I hope not, lol.

    Like already stated, if he is not complaining of any type of pain or discomfort, then he is fine! Bubbles are normal!

    Answer by CarolynBarnett at 2:31 PM on Oct. 17, 2008

  • LOLOLOLOLOLOL that is the dumbest wives tale I've heard in a long time. The pee has "bubbles' in it because the pee is leaving the body at an excellerated rate of speed hitting the surface tension of the bowl water...causing bubbles of air to form

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:48 PM on Oct. 17, 2008

  • My son is almost 3 and he pees in toliet .. I often see bubbles. Its normal. No worries.

    Answer by myklexi at 7:43 PM on Oct. 17, 2008

  • Have your son checked out! My husband had bubbles when he urinated for as long as I knew him and I thought that it was really odd. Found out after 3 years of being together that he had end stage renal disease and had to go on dialysis and have a kidney transplant. After the kidney transplant he has not once had bubbles in is urine the way that he once did. Of course there are small bubbles, but before the transplant it was much different. I would take him to the PCP and have some bloodwork and urine tests done to test kidney function.

    Answer by ConnersMom1204 at 2:28 PM on Oct. 18, 2008

  • My sons and husband all get bubbles when urine goes straight into the water, if it hits the side, there usually aren't any bubbles. If you think his urine is too dark, he is dehydrated.

    Answer by Maddape48854 at 11:51 PM on Oct. 18, 2008

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