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Not so active baby?

Mornin ladys,
I have been watching this 6mth old & he does not move around at all !!!!!!!!
He hates: water (only bottle form), laying on his tommy(he weighs 16 pds)
my son is eating food,cralling& ready to start walking !!!
I guess my Q is how can I get the other kids weight down & get him moving or I feel he maybe left behind its really put a strain on my 2 kids to always try to get him to move ??? as mine are moving forward so fast

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Asked by Jocelyne at 8:43 AM on Oct. 18, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • My daughter was 11 pounds and didn't like laying on her belly and had no interest in crawling or sitting up at 6 months. I would say she was probably about 9 or 10 before she decided she wanted to get around. He'll start doing it when he is ready. And 16 pounds is not all that big for a 6 month old.

    Answer by matthewscandi at 8:49 AM on Oct. 18, 2008

  • have you said anything to the parents? are they concerned about his weight... i know my ds, when he was almost 6 months weighed nearly the same as this kid... but the docs were not concerned and he was a "BIG" kid. and aren't kids supposed to double their birth weight by the time they are 6 months? if he was 8 lbs when born...? but i would talk to the parents first.

    also, do you have an exersacuer where he can stand up and watch the other kids moving around? or maybe a swing. then there is always putting him down and putting his fav toy just out of reach....

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:54 AM on Oct. 18, 2008

  • anonymous,
    I have said things to the parents & she said the doc said that hesok Not on the weight tho I just feel that his wieght holds him back he wants to move but cant + she holds him all the time even if he does move or plays its like she is self concese he was 7 pds at birth now 16 my son was 8 pds & 16 or so but hes thin & moves with ease (breast feed) I have heard that bottles babes do get fatter but he really hates to do anything I think she is hidding things from me (mental prob)so im trying things on my own to help him hes here 4 days a week some 5 I have all thing toys in dupfor the kids hes just really not into or wond do them?? doesnt have a fav toy

    Answer by Jocelyne at 9:31 AM on Oct. 18, 2008

  • my 6 month old is 18 pounds and she sits and scoots and rolls all over the place. I don't think the weight is the issue. I think he'll do it when he is reasy. My first child showed no interest until she was almost 20 months old and she was a tiny little thing.

    Answer by myboogiewoogie at 9:35 AM on Oct. 18, 2008

  • 16 lbs at 6 months is below average for a boy, he's not "fat." Why are you comparing him to your children? All children are different. If you 6 month old is walking then yours is the abnormal one. Not in a bad way, but you certainly should not be comparing other children to him. It's fine to try to get this baby to move more, but stop assuming something is wrong when likely it isn't. It's perfectly normal for a baby not to crawl until 9 or 10 months, or probably even later, I just know my son didn't crawl until 9 months and he walked just fine at 12 months. How is it putting a strain on your kids? Why does it matter to them if he doesn't move?

    Answer by JenEliBella at 10:14 AM on Oct. 18, 2008

  • haha the little boy i watch is 7 months and weighs 25 pounds, thats 5 pounds more than my 10 month old daughter. He too does nothing. At 5 1/2 months my daughter was crawling and pulling to stand up and everything else and is now walking! yay! But idk, this little boy he does nothing. He is still perfectly fine with sitting in the swing or carrier. He doesnt really like to play much. Hates being on his tummy. So I know where youre coming from. Idk Im concerned about him, but then I just keep telling myself, all babies learn at diff. rates.

    Answer by tiffers32788 at 11:14 AM on Oct. 18, 2008

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