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Smoking around kids....Asthma

If you know that by smoking in the house/car with a child who has asthma will make it harder for them to breathe, why wouldn't you stop smoking in confined areas with the child? If you knew that this child's asthma could be triggered by cleaners, wouldn't you change how you cleaned and when you cleaned to save the child from having an attack??

I'm just curious to try to find out why people (parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents) who know that by smoking around a baby they are giving them a greater chance of developing asthma (especially preemies), why they wouldn't do their best to not smoke around the child, and once the child does get asthma why they would continue to smoke around the child when smoke is something that aggrivates asthma.
They wouldn't mind making other changes, like what they clean with, so why smoke around the kid???

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Asked by Sarasmoonflower at 7:02 AM on Sep. 20, 2010 in Kids' Health

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  • I get what you are saying, and I agree with you.. but you have to remember that smoking is an addiction. Switching cleaners or changing your cleaning schedule is not. Be careful about judging people. Their actions may not be appropriate or admirable, but their personal and internal struggles are their own. I'd hate for someone to come and take a look at my life and then point out all the places where I am struggling and tell me how horrible I am for it.

    If someone is trapping a baby in the car and smoking... well that just defies common sense, even if the baby doesn't already have asthma. But if they're trying to quit and fighting the physical and emotional war with nicotine and sometimes not as victorious as they wish they could be... I'm not going to judge them for that.

    Answer by beckcorc at 7:09 AM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • I wasn't trying to judge anyone. I don't smoke so it's harder for me to understand. That is my point is to try to understand not judge.

    Comment by Sarasmoonflower (original poster) at 7:11 AM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • I am a smoker....but I would NEVER smoke around my children at all, let alone in a closed space. I cut way back on smoking so I could do it when the kids are sleeping or something, and I always smoke outside. My kids shouldn't have to pay for my mistake, not to mention the fact that they are more likely to smoke, too, if they see you doing it. Addiction is not an excuse in this isn't crack. Just go outside or wait 5 minutes until you are out of the car.

    Answer by momof3josephs at 7:49 AM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • Because people are completely selfish! I went through this with my son... he has asthma and my husband was willing to smoke outside but when he is around other people like grandparents and other relatives they still wont change their actions!

    Answer by mrsmamaj at 7:59 AM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • I would answer this, but I dont understand smoking at all. lately I have noticed MORE AND MORE young pretty mother with children lighting up. I just dont understand why you cant give it up and focus on your baby or children!

    The more years you do it, the harder it is to stop...right? so why not use your young children as motivation!

    My entire inlaw family smokes, no joke and its always been an issue for dh and I. b/c it gives me a big headache to be around it...and then we had kids and the arguments got much worse!


    Answer by mom2twobabes at 8:09 AM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • My DD has asthma, neither my husband or I smoke so our house is smoke free but there are smokers at both of the grandparents houses, I told them that if they wanted me to bring my child to thier house that the only option would be fore people to smoke outside, even when I am not there. My mom immediately started smoking outside, cleaned her carpets, and washed down the walls and ceilings, my inlaws continued to smoke until my fil passed away and now my sister in law doesnt care...we only go there if it is nice outside so my children do not go in the house. If they are unwilling to do that for thier own children or grandchildren I see it as very selfish. My daughter usually ends up in the hospital a couple of times a year due to her asthma and has even been in the ICU. I would do anything I could to keep her healthy even if that means keeping her away from relatives. They can visit in her home enviroment where i know it safe.

    Answer by foxracing43701 at 8:38 AM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • I DO smoke...and it IS an addiction....however, never, ever, around my kids...not in the car, nor house. And I wash my hands & face before I go near them.

    To just smoke around them, without them having asthma, is selfish in my opinion...with a child that HAS asthma? Totally irresponsible.

    Answer by mainemusicmaker at 7:43 PM on Sep. 24, 2010

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