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Would you say something?

Would you say something to your sister in law or someone like that who copied you on EVERYTHING? Who was so jealous and so eat up with it that they even got pregnant after saying they didn't want kids just because the family had such a fit over your child. And it's not even just that, there are 8 things total that she has done in the past 6 months right after me and my husband did. 3 family members have said something to me and my husband already asking us what her deal was and they're actually the ones who brought it to my attention. I'm ready to mouth off and tell her to get her own f'ing life.


Asked by Anonymous at 10:31 PM on Sep. 20, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (8)
  • i would say something...i am very out spoken...i had a friend that did that and hell no i could not deal with drove me crazy mad...


    Answer by iNk-FrEaK at 12:22 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • get over it, why do you even care? it's not like you own the entire right to do those things.

    I know it's probably irritating, but I'm sure you have better things to do than get upset over someone who copies you.

    Answer by ItsMe89 at 10:43 PM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • i had a friend that was like that... she always dyed her hair the same tried to dress the same even went after all my ex boyfriends (when i was with them or after i broke up with them)... after i got engaged she got preg on purpose so she could get this guy to ask her to marry him.... i told her that she was a crazy bitch and i dropped her as a friend- now she is divorced with a child she doesnt even care about..... she still tries to find out what im doing and stuff and from what i heard still trying to be like me ugh

    Answer by pinkdena at 10:35 PM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • I have a sister in law that for some reason is jealous of me. I don't say anything because I don't want to start family problems. She was constantly talking about me behind my back after I had my 3rd baby. She couldn't get pregnant for 2 years and after she had her first baby I had 2 more. It took her 3 yrs to have her last baby. By then we had 2 more kids. I'm sorry I can have children easily and am happy to have a big family. I'm sorry she had a hard time to conceive. Either way it gave her no reason to bad mouth me. I never said a bad word about her and she is a wonderful mom. Jealousy makes even the best people turn ugly. If you want to say something do so. I know if my husband would let me I would in a heart beat. I am just thankful that I have the best in laws and no one on my husbands side likes her very well.

    Answer by momofangels5 at 10:50 PM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • no i wouldn't

    Answer by melody77 at 10:55 PM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • Yes you should say something

    Answer by jessesmama22 at 11:14 PM on Sep. 20, 2010

  • People like that normally are looking up to you asa role annyoing as it can be I would not even say anything take it as a you have something is wants....and if you never noticed it before then don't worry about it....all it will do is cause a bigger problem...if you husband is that worried about it let him say something....Until then just hold you head high and take no notice to people like that...

    Answer by sharonnacy at 12:00 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • how annoying ughh. i would'n say anything she will just make out as if she doesn't know wat your talking about and make out as if your the crazy one. leave it, you didn't notice it to begin with so dont pay any attention to her. be glad that you have such a perfact life that someone is envious of it.

    Answer by otoole at 1:24 AM on Sep. 21, 2010