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Is Islam a danger to the world?

I come to America with a mission. All is not well in the old world. There is a tremendous danger looming, and it is very difficult to be optimistic. We might be in the final stages of the Islamization of Europe . This not only is a clear and present danger to the future of Europe itself, it is a threat to America and the sheer survival of the West. The United States as the last bastion of Western civilization, facing an Islamic Europe.
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Asked by Carpy at 8:46 AM on Sep. 21, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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  • Very interesting article OP. IMO, it wouldn't matter who the messenger was for this message, they would still be discredited. I find it ironic that so many socially liberal people are so supportive of a faith that has no tolerance for the very things the liberals support. Countries around the world are finding they have serious problems because of their "tolerance."

    I have to go to work. I hope you keep the question open for a while!


    Answer by yourspecialkid at 10:23 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • Not nearly as much a danger as racists and bigots. Look at what Hitler accomplished before people got a handle on him.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 9:06 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • I don't see anyone saying there's no such thing as a dangerous Muslim. What I see is people saying that every Muslim should not be seen as dangerous.

    Just like not every Christian should be seen as a gay basher, not every Jew should be seen as cheap, not every pagan should be seen as a hippy, and there is such a thing as a liberal that trashes the earth and drives a hummer.

    Answer by lovinangels at 11:03 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • Ya, Geert Wilders isn't exactly the most unbiased source for this crap. Do none of you remember who this guy is? He wants to BAN the Quran, he wants to tax women who wear head scarves, stop immigration of people from Muslim countries into Europe, ban the construction of new mosque's and was actually charged with inciting hate for his film Fitna as well as banned from the UK temporarily because he was so incredibly hateful.

    The guy is a BIGOT. Never in a million years would I ever dream of using something he wrote to support a point of view. He is to Islam what Hitler was to the Jews.

    I'm absolutely nauseated that any of you would agree with this hateful and absolutely despicable man. That's like saying "well Hitler was wrong on most everything, but this little thing he wrote about how awful Jews are is kinda right". Seriously... would ANY of you say that?

    Answer by NonnasMomma at 9:31 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • Sweet, Christianity doesn't have death sentences written into it for abortions or being gay (that is left up to God to judge), it doesn't tell people how/what to eat, and it does not require special taxes in countries where it rules for non believers.  It NEVER calls for death against those who refuse to convert.  Baby steps toward intolerance are bad steps ~ in any country. Considering how many here want to model the US like the EU, it's a concern. The EU model is bad enough and would require less rights, but the EU on Sharia would be intolerable in the US.  Why any liberal would fight for a religion that stands against everything they claim to fight for is beyond my understanding. The argument that it isn't happening here is NOT a valid one because there are already people here who support special excuses for Islam and deny others. Equal is one thing, putting Islam ahead is another.

    Answer by Farmlady09 at 12:54 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • in Belgium, it is no different. The mayor of Molenbeek, Socialist Philippe Moureaux, has worked hard to help Muslims try to integrate over the past decade and a half. Part of that fear stems from particularly nasty street crime, something that can happen in bad neighborhoods in any big European — or American — city. But part of it is due to strong anti-Western sentiment among Belgium's Muslims, which suggests that true integration is still a long way off. "Halal food is served in the schools, not only for Muslim children, but for all the children," said Dewinter, adding that municipal pools in Brussels now have separate hours for men and women to swim.,2933,510364,00.html

    You can deny it all you want, but the truth is available.


    Answer by Farmlady09 at 1:48 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • OP, you need to get off the KKK websites and quoting this type of BS. It is NOT facts. Really, tremendous danger looming? Why, because people pray in a mosque or wear headscarves? It is quite obvious that you do not live around any Muslims. Really, people complain about Halal food? Who gives a rats ass? Do you even know what halal food is? As far as hate crimes against gays, that is sick and there is no defense. And harassing women. But really the author does not give any truthful examples of how widespread this is. The people that do those things should be prosecuted. As they would be in our country. But no gays ever get beat up here, right?

    And really, satellite dishes pointed to their home country's news stations? Why the hell is that scary? lmao
    Good luck with your fear mongering.

    Answer by stacymomof2 at 10:08 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • I do care about people being beaten and women being objectified by the name calling.

    If that's true, do some research on how immigrants in general and Muslims specifically are treated in most of northern Europe.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 10:31 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • I do not think world is in danger. If you think that...then all religions are danger to the world. Hitler did things because of hate for anyone not Pure GERMAN. Poverty, fear, and propaganda really helped fuel the fire in Germany during the 1930's and 1940's. I see this happening right now in America.

    Answer by Mom2Just1 at 11:03 AM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • Halal food can be anything, as long as it doesn't have any of that stuff in it. SO, the kids can still eat pizza at school. I didn't think that to be a big deal considerin Muslims ar ... knowing it's halal. ~ samurai chica

    Perhaps YOU wouldn't mind your children's menu dictated to by a religion you don't follow, but others would.

    Perhaps YOU wouldn't mind your OWN food choices dictated to by a religion that you don't follow if they try to change things here, but I would, and I would mind it just as much if it was 'only' school lunch menus.

    They could do the same as any other person who has special menu requirements and pack lunches for their children rather than change the entire menu so 'their' food wasn't contaminated because the same cafeteria prepared both. Before you yell bigot, I feel the same way about ALL dietary requirements. I can at least understand about peanut allergies because they are deadly to some.

    Answer by Farmlady09 at 12:17 PM on Sep. 21, 2010