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Catholics in the US and around the world...

After talking to my dad this weekend, I started wondering... Would the Catholics in this country consider him a "bad Catholic". My dad lives in The Netherlands. He's a devout Catholic, goes to church every week, believes in God, etc etc. But the Catholic Church in The Netherlands just seems so much more relaxed than over here. They do NOT tell people not to use birth control, they see gay people as just people, not "evil abominations who are bound for hell", and they're not even opposed to abortion/sex before marriage. They follow the bible, but also acknowledge that it's a guide line, and that some things are just plain outdated and wrong...

Now me, I'm an atheist. I was raised Catholic, but I just can't believe in a bearded man up in the sky. However, when I see the judgemental attitudes some Catholics over here seem to have, I can't help but wonder... who's got it right? Personally, I much prefer the Dutch attitude :)

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Asked by Anouck at 7:06 PM on Sep. 21, 2010 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • I think it is more cultural than religious because Europeans are way more liberal than North Americans.


    Answer by beeky at 7:09 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • I am or was catholic but do not judge why?

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 7:11 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • I am Catholic and I don't believe in such a thing as "bad Catholics"....I also don't believe in a bearded man in the sky...It's disappointing to see such rigid people in the world, but I assure you, there are many Catholics who are not. I have no problem getting my teenage daughter birth control if she's ready for it (but the question of "if she's ready for it" will be a little challenging to answer, I am sure). Yes, I believe your dad seems like a cool person =)

    Answer by dinaca81 at 7:11 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • I absolutely agree with you on that... But I'm just wondering if the more hard core Catholics would consider their more liberal counterparts to be "bad Catholics". And also, why do a lot of Christians consider Catholics not to be "real Christians". I mean, wasn't it the first Christian religion? How on earth can they expect us to take them seriously if they can't even agree among themselves which version of the Bible is the correct one?

    Comment by Anouck (original poster) at 7:11 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • Dinaca81, I guess the more outspoken ones are the extreme... Which is usually the case in any subject, really. And yes, my dad ROCKS !

    Comment by Anouck (original poster) at 7:13 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • I am very me...just because a Catholic person may follow the Catholic traditions more literally (i.e. taking communion, going to confession, etc.) doesn't make that person any more "Catholic" then the next in my opinion (and really, I can only speak for myself - as I, nor anyone else for the matter, has a right to speak for anyone else). People do not fit neatly into cookie-cutter shapes. We are not one-dimensional people. I would go toe-to-toe with any "devout Catholic" anyday. My religion does not define me. I define myself - my religion just happens to be a part of me...I am happy that I can question my religion, and I am glad that I can learn from others religions (or lack of religion).

    Answer by dinaca81 at 7:19 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • Thats the thing- No one or religion has it right. Life is not a test of which we will be judged upon. Life is a creation that WE create everyday. God is never going to judge us, only humans are judgemental.

    Answer by 1NikkiPikki at 7:24 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • Ha, my dad takes communion, and goes to confession on a regular basis. He's really very much a traditional Catholic, without the judgement a lot of them seem to have over here...

    And Nikki, I agree. Which is why I don't understand how so many Christians in general feel they have the right to judge others, based on a book even THEY can't seem to agree on. Makes no sense. I've always believed that every religion has the same basic message of love, acceptance and understanding. Treat others how you want to be treated, that kind of thing. Yet organized religion always seems to twist that message into one of hate, intolerance and prejudice.

    Comment by Anouck (original poster) at 7:30 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • It doesn't really matter what the Catholic church teaches, does it? It shouldn't, right? Shouldn't it only matter what the Bible teaches and what God says? We shouldn't compare ourselves and base our standards and beleifs on what man says, but what God says.

    Answer by Laura2U at 8:08 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

  • Where are all these judgmental Christians/Catholics, etc? I don't see any here (maybe they are all be asleep)? I know I am speaking for myself only, but I am also glad to say that I really don't know any judgmental zealots personally...yes I may see one or two on TV (like the sensationalized preacher from TN who was going to burn the Koran on 9/11), but most (if not all) of the people I know in my real life, are very open-minded when it comes to freedom of speech and religion. Thank goodness. I would hate to live in a world where there were crazy religious people judging everyone all the time...

    Answer by dinaca81 at 9:09 PM on Sep. 21, 2010

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