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Personally i feel that nowadays people jump into marriages and out of them so easily and that it is no longer taken seriously anymore.

When i said i do, i meant it forever... Unless he cheats on me..then he dies.. (no but in all seriousness, the only reason biblically to split up is adultery.. depending on the situation though, i might try to make it work) Thats just me though, im religous..not everyone is.. i understand that.

Whats everyone elses thoughts?

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Asked by Cmyfantasyworld at 11:12 PM on Jul. 1, 2008 in Relationships

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  • I feel the same way, but I say once a cheater always a cheater and you might as well get out while the getting out is good, 'cuz he will do it again. Unless he finds God. God is the only answer.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:16 PM on Jul. 1, 2008

  • i agree, i feel people need to take their vows more seriously.

    i almost went through a divorce with my hubby, and i'll admit - hubby and i were both being stubborn and selfish, which is a sure road to divorce. well, when we split up (he moveed out for 6 weeks) we both got closer to God and with out realizing it we found ourselves in love again.

    now 7 years later, we know we are in it for the long haul, we know what it takes for a marriage to work (for the most part - marriage is always a work in progress) and i wouldn't change a thing.

    my promise to God and to my man is something serious, and definatly something worth fighting for! :D

    Answer by dannersmell at 11:43 PM on Jul. 1, 2008

  • The divorce rate is over 50% in America.....It's almost like getting a pet you dont like fro the pound. They just get rid of the marriage. My first was abusive, Once he hit me though he got a worse beating from me. My current hubby is the BEST in the world. So i say adultry and abuse are good reasons to divorce, but not dumb reasons like I'm bored, there's no love, he dosnt talk to me the sex is bad or non existent.....Marriage in a church is a Vow before God. The saddest thing I've heard about marriage today is people calling their first marriage, their "practice marriage" But my first one taught me what to NOT accept in another one. Marriage is a Vow before God.

    Answer by vbruno at 12:31 AM on Jul. 2, 2008

  • Well I was married before for almost 10 yrs he cheated for 9 gave his lover kids and would beat me til i miscarried our baby. finally i got the nerve to leave. I was raised religius, pentacostal holiness. in the eyes of my church he and i were not married because i was his second wife. he had divorced his first wife. (he didn`t have 2 wives lol) anyway, i am married now, and i did kinda rush into it but so did i with my first after 3 months. lol!! I wouldn`t leave my husband now for anything in the world. I am Muslim now and would stand by him even if he wanted a 2nd wife which in Islam is legal. I pray that he doesn`t want that and he says he doesn`t Im enough for him but who knows lol!!

    Answer by 1boy1girl4me at 1:36 AM on Jul. 2, 2008

  • all i know is that i will exhaust every option there is before i call it quits.

    Answer by kissmiss213 at 2:54 AM on Jul. 2, 2008

  • Its hard to know what the circumstances are...I've tried to get a divorce from my verbally abusive husband. However, I have learned to give as good as I get. It is a battle ground and its because we have a disabled son as well as three other children. I have been the one to cheat and look for comfort when he has pushed me to hard. I dont know if he has cheated but we havent been intimate for three years. We are more like roomates who constantly bicker. We both love the kids I just don't think we know how to love one another.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:16 AM on Jul. 2, 2008

  • Adultery is horrible but its not the only reason why you may need to let go. Mental, physical abuse does a lot to a person. As much as one may want the i do's to be forever spreading yourself that thin and letting a person just tear you down day after day, month after month, year after year; its not worth it.

    Answer by Masonsmom407 at 8:05 AM on Jul. 2, 2008

  • My first husband ended up being a heroin addict I hung in as long as I could. I said I do and I did over and over again but somethings you just get pushed far enough to walk away from and it broke my heart but we stayed in touch until the day he died and I was pregnant with my daughter(from my new husband), he wanted to be around when she was born but he didn't make it. I lost track...LOL! I am married now to a wonderful man who I have no worries and sometimes it gets really bad...fights, and money issues. No matter what I said I do and I will for the reast of my life. I say don't say I do unless you REALLY REALLY DO!

    Answer by momto1727 at 11:15 AM on Jul. 2, 2008

  • I agree except abuse is also a good enough reason for divorce...
    I think too many people buy into fairytales and Hollywood. When things get tough and they will then its just easier to leave than work through problems.

    Answer by mrs_hartline at 5:17 PM on Jul. 2, 2008

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