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Hubby finally wants another baby? I'm confused...Help!!!

I have 2 children...(I want 5) my son passes away at birth...and after DD...DH said no more. Well I was heartbroken because he said we'd try for a boy or stop when we had 4 together (son isnt his) when DD came and he said no we're done I was hurt. well yesterday i sold my car and we went to lowes and bought paint while the lady was mixing it he plainly and simply says 'i want another baby, now.' anyone havethis issue with hubby? and how do i go about getting pregnant before jan 7th?

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Asked by kirstee_roozen at 12:22 PM on Oct. 21, 2008 in Trying to Conceive

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  • i would just immediately go off BC. i dont believe in stressing and trying to hard, just let nature take its course thats what i did. i talked to hubby we decided on a baby and 5 weeks later i found out i was preg. no charting no anything just good old fashion fun sex! and by the way i am so sorry to hear about your son, i will keep you in my prayers

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:46 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • my DH went back and forth about the 2nd baby thing and one day he said "im ready" so thats what hapened we are due in december -
    i dont think that its like clockwork and every person is ready for something at a different time than the other so if you still want another (which i am sure you do - you just stopped asking for one) and he has reached that point then go ahead there is no reason to analize "why now" because it wont make a difference in the long run.

    go off birth controll ... use the ovulation calculator at and follow their directions ... i got pregant first try and the dr said that it usually is easier for women coming off of birth controll because your hormones are kicking into gear automatically

    Answer by vakatia at 12:58 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • You did say a baby died at birth,,,He was probably just in morning when he said I don't want any more kids...About trying for another one,,,sex is how it happens

    Answer by louise2 at 1:52 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • Honestly, men are either left wing or right wing on this issue. They either want more or they don't. We decided to have one together (we have three others from separate relationships...) well needless to say the baby bug must have bit him, as he too said "I want another one!"

    I say you immediately go off of BC if you are on it, and do the baby dance as often as possible without trying like crazy; just have a great sex life and it can happen.

    If he is ready, then he is TRULY ready, and it's time to go forward. I am sorry for your loss; as I can't even imagine it; but if your DH is ready to be a dad again, it is truly time. GL!

    Answer by leoangel at 3:25 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • my husband did that to me, i have a 5 year old son and he told me no more. I didnt give birth to our son, it was a step parent adoption. So i have never felt what it is like to be pregnant or anything. But 6 months ago he told me he wanted another one, it was out of the blue. Actually told me during sex... weird time, but okay. So now we are trying... men are weird creatures

    Answer by fcangel9 at 11:42 AM on Oct. 23, 2008

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