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Does anyone know anything about Obama being a member of the New Party?

Apparently the blog located at: has recently located documentation indicating that Obama was indeed a member of the Chicago branch of this socialist party? Does anyone have any other info. on this? I visited the blog and I'm also surprised about how many former Democrat web sites there are that are NOT supporting Obama?

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:32 PM on Oct. 21, 2008 in Politics & Current Events

Answers (18)
  • here we go again!

    Answer by heatherama at 12:40 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • hey last week i read a blog that said john mccain was a jerk.
    is he really a jerk? can someone confirm/deny?

    Answer by heatherama at 12:41 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • deny.. lol

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:45 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • Actually, OP--you've hit the TRUTH!!!! I was ROFL when I found these articles to back you up.

    Quote from the "Democratic Socialist Party of America"...their July/August 1996 edition:
    "Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, encouraged NPers to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration. "

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:49 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • From the Chicago Democratic Socialists of American September-October 1995 New Ground 42 edition:

    The NP's political strategy is to support progressive candidates in elections only if they have a concrete chance to "win". This has resulted in a winning ratio of 77 of 110 elections. Candidates must be approved via a NP political committee. Once approved, candidates must sign a contract with the NP. The contract mandates that they must have a visible and active relationship with the NP.

    The political entourage included...Barack Obama, chief of staff for State Sen. Alice Palmer. Obama is running for Palmer's vacant seat.

    I wish there was a "bold" button here...I'd have highlighted the part that states Obama, as a NP member, signed a contract with them to be "visible and active."

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:53 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • Reaching out to all voters in our country, including those who belong to fringe parties, is not the same as being a member of the party. Are you opposed to voter registration and education?

    I would stick to credible, mainstream news sources if you want credible information.

    Answer by yarnjunkie at 12:56 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • The 'New Party' was a political party established by the Democratic Socialists of America (the DSA) to push forth the socialist principles of the DSA by focusing on winnable elections at a local level and spreading the Socialist movement upwards. The admittedly Socialist Organization experienced a moderate rise in numbers between 1995 and 1999. By 1999, however, the Socialist 'New Party' was essentially defunct after losing a supreme court challenge that ruled the organizations "fusion" reform platform as unconstitutional.

    Yeah, that really sounds like what you've described, yarnjunkie. NOT.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:57 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • so far all you've done is provide evidence that this group supports him.
    like mccain's supporters have shown us we can't exactly judge a candidate by the nuts that support him, even o'reilly agrees on that!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:57 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • yarnjunkie they don't want credible information, they're grasping at straws!

    Answer by heatherama at 12:58 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • From the October 1996 Update of the DSA 'New Party':
    "New Party members are busy knocking on doors, hammering down lawn signs, and phoning voters to support NP candidates this fall. Here are some of our key races...

    Illinois: Three NP-members won Democratic primaries last Spring and face off against Republican opponents on election day: Danny Davis (U.S. House), Barack Obama (State Senate) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary)."

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:59 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

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