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Baby with GERDS??

The doctors tell me my sons has minor GERDS..some days he spits up a little bit when he is burped then the next day he spits up all day..I mean alot like hours after he eats..Ive watched what I eat it doesnt seem to help and I do everything your suppose to for question is who has gone through this and what did you do or when did your baby out grow it..I need some guidance/encouragement whatever you wanna call it because it can be difficult when you feel so helpless..

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Asked by socalikim at 2:30 AM on Sep. 26, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • 4 kids been doin this for 15 yrs..a few things I do to ease the reflux..
    Gas drops bfore an after feeding
    Burp every 2 oz..
    Massage the back from the bottom of the back up to the top...
    Also the milk m/b the problem
    Also check for asthma cause it could be part of the problem...all mine were diagnosed with asthma which made the reflux worse..

    Answer by FreeSpriT4eva at 2:52 AM on Sep. 26, 2010

  • My baby had GERDS. His doctor told me to put cereal in his milk. That helped ALOT! It got better when he statred on baby food and completely went away when he started solid foods and whole milk. I know cereal sounds scary and most mothers and doctors will tell you NO but it helps for GERDS. I statred him out on everything, baby food, table food and whole milk very early.

    Answer by olivia3579 at 2:55 AM on Sep. 26, 2010

  • My daughter is almost 4 months and she has nearly grown out of it, but still has bad days. But our Pedi tells us, most babies grow out of it by 6 months and I am already starting to see that. My niece "was a spitter" and she grew out of it by 7 months. HOWEVER my 2.5 year old son never spit up and just recently starting throwing up in the middle of the night and the doctor says that is GERD. Both of my kids are on Zantac, it has helped the older kid and not the baby.
    I hope any of that help :)

    Answer by DoveMomma at 5:57 AM on Sep. 26, 2010

  • My son suffered from GERD as an infant. We saw a pediatric GI doctor, and he was put on Axid for most of his first year. It worked wonders, and we did not have to interfere with nursing.

    Answer by Krysta622 at 9:51 AM on Sep. 26, 2010

  • Just FYI, to the poster who used cereal. While it's great that it worked for you, cereal is being recommended less and less for reflux, as studies are showing it's not as much of a help as once thought. I'm glad it worked for your child and you were able to get him relief. Unfortunately, many NURSING moms are told to either pump and give cereal mixed in a bottle with pumped milk, or use formula, and mix cereal in it. I was lucky that my doctor basically said that he wouldn't want to mess with nursing, especially when it was going so well. OP, I suggest seeing a GI doctor if you haven't already, and would suggest at least looking into the meds. I know a lot of moms don't want to give meds to such a young baby, but as someone who suffers from GERD herself, I couldn't NOT give the meds, since I knew what DS was going through. OP, it sounds from your post as you are nursing. If so, don't let anyone talk you into using

    Answer by Krysta622 at 9:56 AM on Sep. 26, 2010

  • formula, or breast milk and cereal in a bottle JUST for reflux symptoms. If formula is something you WANT to do, by all means, I won't stop you, but you don't NEED to go that route for reflux. Also, try this. Take a tablespoon, and pour milk in it. Toss that milk on the counter or floor. Do this with one to two tablespoons. Notice that it looks like A TON of milk. This just kind of puts into perspective how a small amount of spit up can look like and seem like a lot more then it is.

    Answer by Krysta622 at 9:58 AM on Sep. 26, 2010

  • adding to the cereal comments, our pedi told us (once our daughter was 3 months) to giver her rice cereal by spoon in the mornings and that helped to keep everything else down.
    also we where told that as long as the baby was gaining weight to just wipe the spit away and not freak out at all!

    Answer by DoveMomma at 11:42 PM on Sep. 26, 2010

  • yes he is breastfeed and we were told to try rice cereal from the GI specialist..I havent yet but will bcuz I feel that would be better then medication. Hes 15 1/2 lbs so weight isnt an issue :) but when he spits up sometimes its like the tablespoon or two but like 4 or 5 wouldnt think he has that much in his little belly.Im worried of him getting dehyrated...I didnt know if it could be an allergy to something im taking in but im guessing its we just have to wait it out..its just hard :( Thanks for the tips!!

    Comment by socalikim (original poster) at 3:25 AM on Sep. 27, 2010

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