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Should Obama be in our textbooks? How about 15 pages of education for our 8th graders?

Here is an excerpt from the article, did CBS, NBC, ABC report on this?

The Wisconsin Mother wrote the following:

My 8th grade son is in an advanced English class at a public middle school here in Racine, Wisconsin. I just found out that my son's new (copyright 2008) Wisconsin - McDougal Littell Literature book has 15 pages covering Barack Obama.

I was shocked - No John McCain, no Hillary Clinton, no George Bush - Just Barack Obama. I'm wondering how it is that Obama's story gets put into an 8th grade literature book? Not only that, but on page 847 there is a photo of Obama at the 2004 Democratic Convention with at least 8 Obama signs in the background! Front & center is an sign

Here is the whole article if you want fair and balanced.

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Asked by Anonymous at 6:43 PM on Oct. 21, 2008 in Politics & Current Events

Answers (100)
  • Fox reported on it this morning. The company is trying to say that they had planned on putting that in the book before the campaign started...yeah...right... One of the news casters said "well what about an article about McCain's time in the military? to balance things out a bit".

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:48 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • i'm glad this was reported, because now they are stopping this from being published further.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:48 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • I wouldn't have a problem with it, even if I weren't an Obama supporter. If it were McCain who had written that book and was featured, I would support it. It's important for kids to read about successful men and women who were not born into success. I'd rather have my kids read about him than about Paris Hilton. What the heck is the problem with asking what they are proud of???!!

    Answer by sammygrl77 at 6:54 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • well at least you took this to your own 'thread' instead of posting it everywhere else.

    i'll re-post this here in case anyone missed it. this site has a letter written by the book's publisher:

    Answer by heatherama at 6:54 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • Yes but the audacity of Obama, who seriously does he think he is? I mean McCain's war story is of way more interest and I don't think this should be in our history books either. How can he try to indoctrinate his campaign into our public schools. What will happen if he is elected. And why the heck isn't McCain's camp not jumping all over this, holy moly.

    Answer by SheriSanchez at 6:56 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • wow, maybe mccain's camp isn't 'jumping all over this' because it has nothing to do with obama or his campaign? geez, take it up with the publisher!

    Answer by heatherama at 6:57 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • Obama already has his inaugural party planned also. He has rented the Waldorf-Astoria and has cavier, lobster, special wine , the works. This f---- bastard is such an elitist communist. Watch out people, your freedom is going out the window. He already thinks he is a God. As for the education that is what he helped Wm Ayers with. Ayers hates America amd wants to teach our children to be radical just like Obama. He had radical teachers and has surrounded himself with people like this all of his life.

    Answer by Scorpio359 at 7:01 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • This is clearly wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Consider this, what if your kid was running for class president and elections were in November. They preprinted the yearbooks with his/her running mate as class president, before the class election was over. As a parent, you'd be screaming bloody murder. It's also not fair in a democratic society. It's also a poor example to our kids.

    It would be wrong no matter who they prematurely put in the yearbook.


    Answer by pugpin at 7:07 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • i agree with you pugpin... but is this obama's fault? and how?
    like i said, take it up with the publisher.

    Answer by heatherama at 7:10 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

  • I guess they are getting a head start in re-writing books to further brainwash the kids in the public school system!

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:12 PM on Oct. 21, 2008

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