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I appreciate very much that I get to be a stay home mom, but does anyone else have a husband that feels, because he works, that he is exempt from doing anything else, in/out housework, children, etc, etc, etc?

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Asked by doublefistin at 12:27 PM on Oct. 22, 2008 in Relationships

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  • OMG yes! I cant stand it. I appreciate him working and i do cook, clean, do laundrey, and take care of our daughter. Dont get me wrong i love it! BUT all he does when he is home is lay on the couch. He could at least do a dish or two or give our daughter a bath once in his life. I love him and know he works hard but he should def be helping out at home. I worked once and had to do everything else on top of it. Why cant he?

    Answer by Steph319 at 12:34 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • I work full time and so does my husband. He is such a slob. I once said that he could take care of the outside stuff and I would do the inside. However, I have been helping with splitting wood, I weeded the pumpkins and shrubs, he wants me to mow and yet he doesn't do anything in the house. No cooking, cleaning, nothing. He actually is worse than a little kid. If he uses the last of something he leaves the empty box in the refrigerator or on the counter, he leaves plastic wrappers everywhere, takes his socks off inside out or balls them together, leaves everything and anything in his pockets and complains if I miss them and send them through the wash. So you are not alone on this my husband is horrible and I tell him that he is a royal slob and we always get in fights about it. I MEAN HOW HARD IS IT TO PUT SOMETHING IN THE GARBAGE WHEN YOU ARE STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO IT!!!

    Answer by jenniferlee_12 at 12:34 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • He cant even get off the couch to take the baby away so that i can open the damn oven! lol

    Answer by Steph319 at 12:35 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • Been there, still there and will always be there. They work , we don't. So we have to compromise, not b and complain and call him up and moan and groan. Just organize and say honey, please I need a break. Can you do this while I go out to do something. Or while I do this can you please clean that? Just aask. But don't be a whiner. Men really hate that.......................

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:38 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • Nope. My husband helps clean, helps do the laundry, and almost always cooks dinner, etc. He's a peach and I wouldn't trade him for the world! :)

    Answer by StarLee at 12:49 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • Well, my DH works from 8 am unil 10 pm, so I do everything. I honestly dont mind it. He works hard and so do I. He provides for us, and is a great husband and father.

    Answer by isra1986 at 12:56 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • No staying home can a full time job for us. they don't get it but my husband helps out cause he knows he scores points with me and i'm more likely to not be to tired for sex. he's the best.

    Answer by melody77 at 12:57 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • Yeah, I get the same treatment as StarLee.. my SO works sometimes 7 days a week.. and I stay home.. but he knows I keep the house clean, the kids taken care of, bills paid.. all that stuff.. so when he is home, he helps with cleaning and he always cooks dinner.. I cant cook. He loves spending time with the kids, so thats never a problem with us. Hes great :)

    Answer by MistyAB at 1:01 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • Well my hubby use to be the same way...we have 2 toddlers and I am also a SAHM.. He would get home and lay on the couch watch tv and want me to serve him on hands and knees. So, one day, I decided to take off for the day. Got up early and told him I'm going to my mothers the kids are sleep I will see u later. I left for about 12 hrs which is how long he is gone for work. Well that was the fix, and ever since then he helps me with whatever he can now. And trust me a little help is better than nothing. Its sooo true if u whine about thing they will not get done. Just ask once and say thank you....

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:10 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

  • I'm a stay at home mom. My hubby doesn't think like that at all. He helps out around the house all the time. He spends a lot of time with me and our daughters. He's very involved in our daughters lives and activities.

    Answer by Littlebit722 at 1:11 PM on Oct. 22, 2008

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