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Is it really THAT bad?

All this talk about the end of the world and 2010....I notice a lot of people talking about how horrible the world is. But really, is it THAT bad? Do you see ANY positive in the world?
Maybe if people focused on the positive vs. the negative, and tried to be a brighter energy in this world, it would be what you want it to be.
I believe we create that which we live in. If you live in fear, and negativity, this is what you will feel and see all around you. It will consume all that you do. I believe the majority of people who believe it's the "end of days" are creating a self fulfilled prophecy.
I believe the power to change is right there within ourselves, we only need to realize the energy within us. we all have that positive light within us.
Do you wish to be the change you want to see in the world, or just complain about it?

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Asked by sahmamax2 at 7:24 PM on Sep. 30, 2010 in Religious Debate

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Answers (34)
  • it's not that bad but we certainly have a long ways to go.

    Answer by Roadfamily6now at 7:28 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • You go girl. Here is to positivity, the lasting of the world and the world being a wonderful place.

    Answer by Svetlana98usa at 7:29 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • Focusing ONLY on the good and ignoring the bad is to not be living in reality. My life has healthy doses of both good and bad and I deal with both. And I try to help others if I am able to. If you refuse to see the bad, how can you do anything about it? Yes, as a witch I know that the universe sends you what you concentrate on. That's why I try to send out positive energy when I'm doing a spell, but it isn't something I can do every second of every day. I would soon be exhausted. If I didn't have a desire to change the world, I wouldn't be practicing witchcraft!!

    Answer by witchqueen at 7:31 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • Actually, my world is pretty good... I have a wonderful partner, a beautiful son, and another on the way. We have our house, our health, our friends, our pets... What more could I want?

    Answer by Anouck at 7:31 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • I am pretty happy with the world and I try to see good things in people. There seems to be so much pessimism and hatred posted here. I really have to stay away from CM often ,for at least a day....maybe more...because it gets so depressing to read all the 'gloom and doom' and fear and paranoia.
    There are some things that are scary , frightening,but not everything. We need to be grateful for what we have and we need to appreciate every day that we are still breathing and able to see the beauty around us.

    Answer by gertie41 at 7:34 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • witchqueen...I think it goes without saying that we have to deal in reality. Which applies to my question...focusing on "the end of times" isn't exactly dealing with the here and now IMO either. I think it's about living day to day...not tomorrow or next year...but here and now. And doing our best to make this world what we want it to be. Know what I mean?

    Comment by sahmamax2 (original poster) at 7:35 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • Its bad and will get worse. That is a fact
    God is good and will turn it all around for God for those who love Him. That is a truth

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 8:07 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • I think your life is what you make of it, and working hard to create positive change, even in small ways, improves your own life too. If more people acted instead of just bitching I think we'd be a lot happier and better off. But, whining and not really DOING anything is much easier.

    Answer by getrealmama at 8:14 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • My personal view.

    No it isn't that bad. We are living in the least violent times of recent world history. More people have access to: potable water, food, electricity, medical care, technology, education and many other things than ever before in history.

    Times aren't nearly as bad as people think it is. Most are bombarded, 24/7 thanks to the 24/7 news cycle and acess to more information than ever before, with horrific events and bad things happening. Just the exposure/information is more, not the actual events in many cases.

    I firmly believe that people must be the change they want to see in the world. However, I also believe that perception has a whole lot to do with what we see in this world. People have a choice in how they view this crazy world of ours. Some just choose to only see the negative. Those will see the world completely differently than those who choose to focus on the good.

    Answer by pixie_trix at 8:15 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

  • I don't take it the end of the world literally. to me it's more the end of the world we know. and the birth of the new way of living.

     it's just about change. if you keep moving with the time then the end doesn't seem so final, and more of OK so this is how we do things now.


    Answer by northcarolinama at 8:29 PM on Sep. 30, 2010

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