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Anyone know how to get rid of lice..and I mean for good..??

We have tried everything..OTC stuff..Ovide..mouthwash...nothing is!

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:21 AM on Oct. 1, 2010 in Kids' Health

Answers (12)
  • I would try going to the doctor. You need to wash everything in hot water. And sweep your entire house...couches, curtains everything.

    Answer by Leigh519121 at 1:31 AM on Oct. 1, 2010

  • Bless your heart..I had to go thru this with both my girls at the same time. I could have bought stock in RID. I would get all of them out then the would get them again b/c they were going out to play with the neighbors kids that had them really bad and then would sneak out and get it again. So you need to go thru all the recommended stuff. wash bed sheets and stuff in very hot water put pillow in plastic bag for a month. You can still use it with a pillow case but covered in plastic. But what i had to do was let them get in the bath tub and set in the RID for several hrs. then with the shampoo still in the hair i put them in a plastic cap and let them sleep in it. I know the instructions says 10 minutes but it wont hurt. I'm a hair dresser and all it will do is MAYBE dry it out some and good conditioner will help that. then do the combing and all that but after 3-4 weeks treat it again weather u see more or not

    Answer by TracyBug2911 at 1:34 AM on Oct. 1, 2010

  • If ypuve done everything , go to the source, was a nanny of a couple girls , had to go to the school and on my way to the nurse, I noticed the kids put all their coats and hoodies an stuff real close and a few were piled on the floor. BINGO! If its nit neighbor kids, in your house check out the school. Daycare. Where ever thay frequent.

    Answer by stepho345 at 1:40 AM on Oct. 1, 2010

  • I have washed everything in hot water and dried them on high heat...put all thier stuffed toys in trash bags...sprayed the mattresses and other furniture with that spray....I have done everything you are supposed to do..been to the dr several times...and that ovide stuff is awful..dries out thier hair and it makes my middle DD cry because it burns her eyes,nose,and throat,so I quit using it.

    Answer by faithfultxmama at 1:43 AM on Oct. 1, 2010

  • Treat your kids' hair with RID, then wrap their hair up in saran wrap and let it sit for 20-30 minutes then comb thoroughly with the lice comb. Bag all soft toys, double bagged, in leaf bags for 2 weeks. Wash all bedding, in warm, dry it twice. Bag extra bedding in trash bags for 2 weeks just like the soft toys. I believe there is powder you can use on the carpet and matresses. If you can get out of the house for 24 hours and bug bomb it (flea bombs work best I think) then that will help a ton. Use 1 bomb per room, 2 if the room is large.

    Answer by rhianna1708 at 1:53 AM on Oct. 1, 2010

  • be careful how you use the otc lice products because of the pesticides ive heard of ppl actually getting brain damage and dying because of it. if you go to your ped. they can prescribe some that can actually works without the harsh side affects. try using the spray on bedding, carpet, and even your car and carseat!

    Answer by VERONICAS_MOM at 2:04 AM on Oct. 1, 2010

  • when my kids get it i soak their heads in mayo (yes, mayo) and use the lice comb. it doesnt dry their hair out like rid and kills it all. back when i was a teen my best friend and I spent an entire 6 months passing it back to one another by sharing clothes, lockers, sleep overs you name it.. the only thing that helped was getting away from her for a few weeks to let both of use be lice free. we used a bug bomb in the house and left for the weekend.

    Answer by zoejains_momma at 12:46 PM on Oct. 6, 2010

  • I would at least call the doctor's office and see what they say. OR your medical insurance should have a hotline that you can call and ask them.

    Answer by Peajewel at 1:43 PM on Oct. 6, 2010

  • Add a little tea tree oil to your shampoo and use it every day.....take your child outside and use one of those little combs every day for a persistant...

    Answer by Anna92464 at 8:14 PM on Oct. 6, 2010

  • good luck! Make sure you are washing everything in hot water

    Answer by Ashlynnsmommy07 at 12:15 PM on Oct. 17, 2010

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