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what do you think of spanking?

do you spank? or do you think its abuse? if you do, does it work?

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Asked by KristaRene at 4:28 PM on Oct. 23, 2008 in General Parenting

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  • I spank whenever it is necessary, and no i don't think it is abuse, children have to learn wrong from right, it help my son, and once they learn what no means then you won't have to spank as much...

    Answer by momacowgirl at 4:32 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • I spank on rare occasions, but there is a fine line between spanking and abuse. Leaving lasting marks on children, like cuts or bruises, is my definition of abuse. Spanking a disobiedient child is not. Some parents cross the line.

    Answer by purvislets at 4:33 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • There was a question about this not long ago..NO, spanking, if done in a LOVING way, is the complete opposite of abuse. It's all about disciplining, which literally means teaching, our children.

    Answer by christyg at 4:35 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • I agree that there is a time and place for spankin;, when the child is old enough to understand it, with the hand only (no belts or paddles), not too hard, and not to be used out of anger. Personally, I would never do it in public because I'd be too afraid someone calling CPS, even though I consider it totally uncalled for.

    Answer by StarrMom2Xander at 4:38 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • as a last resort for attention getting....

    Answer by mamakirs at 4:41 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • there is a difference between spanking and abusing, yes, i spank, it works for me. my son hit ONE TIME, i popped him on the hand that he did it with told him "no, you don't hit" and he never did it again. that was when he was 10 months, he's almost 20 months now. so for those people that say spanking leads to hitting, that's BS. you just have to show them that you're the one in charge, not them.

    Answer by armywife43 at 4:43 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • It's funny, cuz i was in wal-mart yesterday, and 2 guys were behind me and one of them was talking to the other about spanking, saying that it's not beating your child, beating is when you leave marks. he kept going on and on about it, and i couldn't help but smile. he noticed me listening (after all, he wasn't being discrete about it, he was loud enough for everyone to hear) and got me into the conversation, and we both agreed that we hated it when other people look at us like we're crazy for popping our kids on the bottom if they're acting bad. and most of those people are women that either don't have kids or have young babies that haven't gotten to that point yet.

    Answer by armywife43 at 4:43 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • I spank.. but not in the old fashion sense of having a paddle or a belt (Hey, I am 32, I had friends that had a spanking paddle on the wall!) More likely then not it's a pop on the butt over the clothes when all other attempts have failed or when something extreme has happened that needs to be halted. My son has had a few "real" pants down, bare butt spankings - 2-3 of them. We never spank in anger. We send him to his room while we cool off, and the less angry parent handles discipline. *shrug* I don't think its abuse. I do think you shouldn't hit your child while angry. You should get yourself in control before hand. Thats just my opinion.

    Answer by Serafyna at 5:06 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • I have said a million times that spanking is only ONE tool of disipline. Yes I do spank my little one sometimes. Usually it is for not listening, REPEATEDLY. I don't do it exclusively, I use other things too, like taking toys, TV or time- outs. And a swat on her diaper never hurt anything but her pride.

    Answer by evilabbysmom at 5:58 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

  • as a last resort to get their attention. And only when they are old enough and never in anger

    Answer by pnwmom at 6:16 PM on Oct. 23, 2008

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