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If you were out in public and saw a pregnant woman fall, would you help her?

I ask this question because of what happened to me when I was pregnant( which was 5 years ago). To this day it still bothers me. I was shopping durning Christmas time with a obvious pregnant belly. I was walking and tripped over a display box that was jutting out into the aisle. I feel right on my stomach and hit my head very hard on the floor. It was crowded that day and no one, not one single person stopped to help or see if I was alright! I had to lay there on the ground for about five minutes before I could even manage to stand up from the pain. It made me so angry!

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Asked by lilymama03 at 9:21 AM on Oct. 25, 2008 in Pregnancy

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  • Absolutely I would offer help. That is aweful what happened to you.

    Answer by myboogiewoogie at 9:24 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • Oh my gosh! I would absolutely have rushed over to you to see if you were alright! It's a shame when people turn a blind eye like that. I once became ill and passed out onthe bathroom floor of a Greyhound bus station, and as I was losing consciousness I recall two women stepping over me and doing nothing. I came to about 30 minutes later, still on the floor, and nobody had done a thing. For all they knew, I could have been dying. I was disappointed in people. But don't let it sour you. There are LOTS of people who would have helped, they just didn't happen to be there that day.

    Answer by BlueFrogMama at 9:25 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • I would have absolutley helped! Now a days people are afraid of lawsuits, and people dragging them into police reports etc................ its sad to see.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:29 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • OMG!! I cannot believe that NO ONE stopped to even ask if you were okay. What is wrong with people these days? I am so sorry that happened to you. I know that me and my husband would definitely stop to help. It doesn't matter if you're pregnant or not, we would stop and help anyone who got injured, but that's just who we are.


    Answer by boizmom at 9:31 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • yes, what kind of POS wouldn't {well obviously everyone in that store}

    Answer by chyna_doll at 9:36 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • I would certainly have helped. It is incredible that no one offered. If nothing else, a security or employee person should have noticed people stepping around you. I guess people don't want to get involved, but this is outrageous!

    Answer by Bmat at 9:36 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • There were employees walking aorund and they saw me as wel. This was inside JC Penny in the mall, and still nothing! I called my mom to come and get me and she went straight over and talked to the General Manager and gave her a piece of her mind. They still ac ted as though they didn't care.

    Answer by lilymama03 at 9:40 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • That just shows how ignorant people can be, huh? That makes me so mad when people don't naturally, without thinking, come to the aid of someone in need.
    Reminds me of 6 years ago when I was riding my motorcycle....I am strong, but by appearance, they say small. I'm 5'4"...130#....I dumped my bike in the middle of an intersection. I was laying in the street unhurt. I got up, but looked at this 525# bike wondering "what now?". I couldn't believe all the guys that drove by, in trucks, slow down and look, but not one single person stopped. They just drove around me. My anger seemed to jumpstart my adrenalin...and I can't believe I lifted it, and on I went. But boy I understand your anger.

    Answer by EireLass at 9:45 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • Even if you were not pregenant, I would have helped.

    Answer by kscmbz at 10:05 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • Absolutely! I fell once on the ice while pregnant with my first, and no one bothered to help and I thought I had broken something! I lay there on the ground while people practically stepped over me.

    Answer by SewMomma at 10:17 AM on Oct. 25, 2008

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