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4 bullied kids committ suicide, is it the school's fault?

MENTOR, Ohio — Sladjana Vidovic's body lay in an open casket, dressed in the sparkly pink dress she had planned to wear to the prom. Days earlier, she had tied one end of a rope around her neck and the other around a bed post before jumping out her bedroom window.

The 16-year-old's last words, scribbled in English and her native Croatian, told of her daily torment at Mentor High School, where students mocked her accent, taunted her with insults like "Slutty Jana" and threw food at her.

It was the fourth time in little more than two years that a bullied high school student in this small Cleveland suburb on Lake Erie died at his or her own hand — three suicides, one overdose of antidepressants. One was bullied for being gay, another for having a learning disability, another for being a boy who happened to like wearing pink.

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Asked by sweet-a-kins at 9:39 AM on Oct. 8, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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    Now two families — including the Vidovics — are suing the school district, claiming their children were bullied to death and the school did nothing to stop it. The lawsuits come after a national spate of high-profile suicides by gay teens and others, and during a time of national soul-searching about what can be done to stop it.

    If there has been soul-searching among the bullies in Mentor — a pleasant beachfront community that was voted one of the "100 Best Places to Live" by CNN and Money magazine this year — Sladjana's family saw too little of it at her wake in October 2008.


    Comment by sweet-a-kins (original poster) at 9:39 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • Oh that is so sad jeez

    Reading this part made me feel ill:
    Suzana Vidovic found her sister's body hanging over the front lawn. The family watched, she said, as the girls who had tormented Sladjana for months walked up to the casket — and laughed.

    "They were laughing at the way she looked," Suzana says, crying. "Even though she died."

    How evil do you have to be? Then the poor mother of one who took their life has lost all of her children now WOW

    Answer by tnmomofive at 9:45 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • I know tn..what kind of KIDS.....


    Comment by sweet-a-kins (original poster) at 9:46 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • who knows what the result will be,
    but I believe that schools are going to have to start taking responsibilty for these sort of things.
    when I was in school it was just blown off.
    I still try to understand how kids could be treated so badly, often physically hurt, but no one takes any notice or claims there's nothing they can do until the victim starts fighting back.
    as if you're supposed to just take it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:46 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • I think they should. Damn 4 kids the same school all suicides!!!! I am so grateful I knew I was loved at home and also lucky I had a a wonderful school counselor who helped me through until I was old enough to drop out! I left school to end the torment these poor kids lost their lives! SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT SCHOOL BULLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Answer by delilahsmom1177 at 9:48 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • Is it the schools fault? IDK I tend to think several people are at fault here.If for nothing else just a lack of taking some action and then of course the bullies parents lack of making sure their kids weren't being such arseholes.I noticed the one mother who has now lost all of her children had two sons who took their lives as well and they were manic depressive or something ..makes me wonder if her daughter wasn't as well.

    Answer by tnmomofive at 9:48 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • I don't know how I just made it to the end of that article, I'm crying so hard right now. Obviously that school is not doing anything to stop it and the parents deserve to win that law suit.

    Answer by lovinangels at 9:49 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • I think the school is at fault if they were told about the bullying and did nothing to stop it. Parents should also have talks with their children at a young age, making them understand that bullying is always going to be there. It doesn't matter how old you are, what color you are, what gender you are, what your sexual preference is, etc. I think everyone is a little at fault here. Not just the school or the victim's parents, but also the parents of the bully. It's sad that bullying isn't taken as a serious as it should be. It's even more sad when multiple deaths from bullying have to take place for people to open their eyes.

    Answer by poptart0325 at 9:51 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • I think their parents need to beat their asses personally. Apparently these kids have been raised that their shit doesn't stink or something. The school district is most liekly full of these parents who have raised these little shits too which is why it is going "un noticed".

    Answer by Memigen at 9:53 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • In my opinion it is part of the schools fault.There sapose to be there for all our children and protect and keep them in a safe enviroment.But it seems now a days they cant.Look at the school shootings n so fourth.We leave our children in there care were there sapose to be safe and protected.We as parents shouldnt have to worry bout our kids dieing because of school.So i feel that the schools need to start really doing something.

    Answer by cleomo7 at 9:54 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

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