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Why does my dog eat my underware?

We recently had to get a hamper with a lid because my dog, and english bulldog mix keeps eating my underware.

Then he barfs them up and eats them again. It's soooooo sick. I can't take it anymore.

Why is he doing this?


Asked by UpSheRises at 9:43 AM on Oct. 8, 2010 in Pets

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Answers (12)
  • It is probably related to one of two things, or both. One: it could be the smell. Dogs tend to like to eat anything that smells good to them or has a strong odor (remember, dogs have stronger noses and can detect smells we can not). Two: He may be bored. The solution? First, cut off his access to the hamper. Try to place the hamper in a place where access is denied like behind a closet door, or close the door to your room so he can't get in. Second, make sure your dog has other activities to keep him occupied. Give him mentally stimulating toys like treat balls (just make allowances in his diet for this so he doesn't gain excess weight) or simply play with him more. Trade out his toys too, so he doesn't get bored with them. You don't have to buy new ones all of the time, just keep some in a closet and rotate them from time to time to keep him interested. Ingesting clothing can be dangerous, so avoid at any cost.

    Answer by Tuzyae at 12:48 AM on Oct. 10, 2010

  • Because they are dirty and he wants to.
    The solution is to keep them in a hamper where he cannot get to them.

    Answer by tootoobusy at 9:46 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • My husband's old Daschund used to eat the crotches out of my underwear! I never understood why! Pissed me off though, you don't even know how many new packs of underwear I had to buy. lol.


    Answer by poptart0325 at 9:45 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • Because they smell like you. This is quite normal. Just keep your clothes away from them.

    Answer by depressedmom65 at 9:47 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • Sorry, see you have a hamper. Put it on top of the refrigerator so he cannot get to it.
    Only take them off in front of the washer and put them directly in it. Hopefully he cannot open the lid. Train him to stay out of the bedroom.
    Kennels. I am stretching. Spray them with bitter apple as soon as you take them off.

    Answer by tootoobusy at 9:49 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • because dogs are gross. lol. It's normal but can be dangerous. They can get stuck in the intestines and English bull dogs aren't the best surgery patients.... Ew.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 9:50 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • Some dogs are just attracted to certain smells. Males usually eat stuff, poo, dead animals. And females tend to roll in it. There's really nothing you can do except keep him away.

    Answer by Shanna84 at 9:50 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • Dogs love strong smells. They are crazy like that. Mine will pull underwear out of the laundry hamper and chew it up....ugh. Cute but gross.

    Answer by SDMama77 at 10:00 AM on Oct. 8, 2010

  • gross

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 6:22 PM on Oct. 10, 2010

  • I do not know why they like to eat UNDERWEAR. I always put my clothes in the hamper immediately, especially underwear.

    Answer by gertie41 at 11:19 PM on Oct. 10, 2010