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How is it any different?

A coworker of mine is a 24 year old virgin. She has chosen to be this way because she is holding out for marriage. Another girl that I work with was making fun of her tonight, calling her a "prude" and "religious freak" (even tho I've never heard her speak one word about religion). So my question is - how is making fun of/condemning someone for abstaining any different from making fun of/condemning someone from having sex before marriage? The girl who was making fun obviously seemed to think there was a difference.


Asked by Anonymous at 10:12 PM on Oct. 25, 2008 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (15)
  • I don't think there is a difference. They are both wrong in my opinion. It sounds to me like the girl who is making fun is feeling insecure about her own choice and looking to make herself feel superior by making fun of someone who is making the opposite choice.

    Answer by jessradtke at 1:36 AM on Oct. 27, 2008

  • I see no difference in it. It's just as bad to call someone a "slut" as it is to say those other things to the virgin. It's her choice when to have sex, no one else's.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:14 PM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • it's not different

    Answer by myboogiewoogie at 10:14 PM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • That's very mean :( I would never make fun of someone for waiting until marriage. My best friend is trying her best to wait until marriage and I think she's a very brave person, especially with all the temptation around nowadays haha.

    It's no different than calling someone a slut. Your coworker should be slapped.

    Answer by caitxrawks at 10:15 PM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • I don't think there is any difference at all. If she is not pushing her beliefs or morals on anyone else, then I say more power to her for holding out! People nowadays seem to think it's "weird" to remain a virgin that long, but your virginity is yours to keep as long as you want, and NOBODY but YOU has the right to tell you what to do with it. The smack-talking girl needs to chill.

    Answer by DusterMommy at 10:16 PM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • Well, it depends. I was a virgin until I was 22 and really felt like it was my place to educate everyone on the best way to live thier lives....In retrospect I sometimes wish I had remained a virgin until I married my husband, and then again, sometimes I wish I had had a wild life. Who knows what goes on in someones mind at that growth stage. The girl who is making fun would probably make fun of a slut too.
    I was and still am an obnoxious know it all. The difference now is I can admit I'm wrong when I discover I am. (Doesn't happen often...or gracefully. But it does happen....LOL)

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:19 PM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • There is NO difference. Putting someone else down for their deep felt beliefs is just wrong.

    Answer by vbruno at 10:28 PM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • wow thats wrong of the co worker to make fun of her! i think its great shes a virgin its very smart considering the stds and junk thats out in this world these days! i would tell that woman shes wrong and if you want her opionion you will ask! that lady is rude and wrong!

    Answer by 4lyfe56 at 10:33 PM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • Well first, who said it's any different? :)
    the girl seems to me to have some guilt about her own sexuality...perhaps she's been promiscuous and regrets it, or maybe she hasn't been but she's been sexually active and wishes she'd have saved it. In any case, people who lash out so immaturely are usually jealous or envious on some level, so I'd pity her rather than get too angry. Tell her that she's acting childish and being unfair, and that if she continues to do so, you'll lose respect for her.

    Answer by jespeach at 10:49 PM on Oct. 25, 2008

  • there is no difference and people like that disgust me. It take serious courage and strength to withstand those urges until marriage. I didn't but my husband did and his family was insensitive about it too. Saying he would end up like the 40 year old virgin. That so hurtful.

    Answer by humaniterian87 at 11:35 PM on Oct. 25, 2008