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I grew up in church but as of lately realize that I don't know a lot about the end times according to the bible. I was reading last night but that is a very confusing chapter to me. I was wondering -- according to the bible,
does it say whether the antichrist will be in place before Jesus comes back?
No, i'm not asking this question because i think obama is because i really don't think you'll know until it happens.


Asked by Anonymous at 4:18 PM on Oct. 26, 2008 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (12)
  • I had a Sunday School teacher once tell us that all we really need to understand is that in the end good wins over evil. Don't try to analyze Revelations or it will drive you crazy. Make sure you are ready (saved, born again) and rest assured that Good will prevail.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:52 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • No, i'm not asking this question because i think obama is because i really don't think you'll know until it happens   Is what? The Messiah or the anti-Christ?!?!? lol, there are people who think both depending on which side of the fence you are on lol.


    Answer by Anonymous at 4:24 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • Read this:

    Answer by AngiDas at 5:13 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • According to many denominations, yes, the Antichrist will already be in place before the Second Coming.

    The End Times is a fascinating subject, but we must always remember that no one knows, and no one can predict the End. We were specifically cautioned AGAINST trying to predict it.

    Answer by Redteux at 5:15 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • My personal belief:
    The Bible does say that the antichrist will be in place, and will actually rule for 7 years before Jesus comes again. But there will be a rapture of the church before the antichrist. All the innocent children and the born again (saved) will join Him in Heaven, and will not have to suffer the Tribulation times.

    Answer by brandyj at 5:50 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • The Anti Christ will rise before Jesus returns and the Anti Christ will not come from America either. Obama is neither Anti Christ or the Messiah but he may be a tool to usher in the Anti Christ.

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 6:09 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • I belief in the pre-tribulational rapture so while the anti-Christ might not have risen to power yet, I do think we will have a very good idea of who he/she is.

    Answer by lifeofchaois at 8:38 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • Only those left behind will face the anti christ. Obama is not a concern like that to me!

    Answer by RidingPink at 8:58 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • As soon as I do a bit more research and studying, I'm gonna do a journal on the end times and how it cannot be in the future like the church teaches...using KJV scripture. I'll prove it out of your own Bible! I don't know it all, but I know enough to not be afraid of the future. I believe Jesus came back when the Temple at Jerusalem was destroyed at A.D. 70. There are many time statements in the Bible that will support this, but nobody wants to take them literally like they do the other scriptures.

    Feel free to pm me on this...

    Answer by rhope4 at 9:31 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • i know the bible is the best place to go for answers, but if your looking for help in figuring out books like revelations, or prophesy, i recommend books by a man named Hilton Sutton. there is absolutley no "gloom and doom"everything is easy to explain, and he is not controversial in his teachings. he has a website you can look up. also, john hagee, and kenneth e. hagin. they are all reputable sources. a good website is it has lots of good authors if your interested in reading up on end times, etc.

    Answer by ivelostmyself at 1:55 AM on Oct. 27, 2008