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9 month old not talking

Ok, my son will be 9 months Nov. 8th and he has YET to say MaMa, DaDa or Baba. I kind of grunts and grumbles and sort of makes sounds once awhile, but not even enough to say that he is babbling. He can definately hear and he also seems to comprehend. He is almost walking already but figured that it's a little strange that he hasn't mumbled a word yet. How old were your babies when they started talking and how? Were they quiet forever then said something with purpose? I'm starting to get worried that something is wrong.

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Asked by MissLisaMarie at 6:52 PM on Oct. 26, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • oh sweety, he's just fine. My oldest didn't start talking till he was 2. He sat and absorbed everything. I've know other babies like this. Then on the other hand, my youngest is just now 2 1/2, and has been talking for a year. At 9 months, thats way early to talk. Don't worry.

    Answer by barrettboys at 7:05 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • I remember my oldest one who is now 20, talking at 9 months but I spent every second, minute...just way to much time (not saying you don't) and she got to talking pretty quick. Her first word was...Shit...but that's because when I make a mistake or mess up I would say...Shit!!! Anyway, don't worry to much as your baby may know how to say Mama or Dada but keeps it in for some he'll use it when you least expect it!!! Ever heard the saying....we teach our children to talk and walk but when they grow up we tell them to sit down and shut up? Sad but it's true...haha

    Answer by stayhomemom22 at 7:06 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • my daughter was 5 months when she said dada for the 1st time and 6 months when she said mama. which is pretty early to me. im sure ur son is fine. just give him time. When he wants something try to get him to say the word b4 giving it to him. that might help a little. but all kids are different my niece is 15 months old and is just now starting to say other things besides mama and dada.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:25 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • Don't stress it, most of the time you hear people saying their baby is talking already it's a girl. Boys tend to talk a little later than girls. Enjoy the silence while you can. Just keep talking to him eventually he'll surprise you and say something.

    Answer by LolosMom at 7:36 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • No worries. My son is almost 18 months and he still barely talks. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. Boys tend to talk later. And all kids are different. I apparently didn't talk at all until I was 2, and they've been trying to shut me up ever since. :-) Seriously, if your kiddo gets to be 2 years old and still isn't talking, it's time for intervention. But at 9 months, there is absolutely no cause for alarm.

    Answer by BlueFrogMama at 8:16 PM on Oct. 26, 2008

  • Walking at 9 months is really early. Sometimes babies that develop physcially very quickly are a little slower with speech. Don't worry about it. :)

    Answer by NewMum2007 at 12:58 AM on Oct. 27, 2008

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