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I think I have anxiety problems, that are manifesting as anger. When I start to feel out-of-control I get very agitated and eventually, I lash-out. I was thinking of contacting a mental health specialist and talking about some medication options, but mental health isn't covered by my insurance, and I'm barely making it as is. Hopefully I'll be able to go that route in a few months-- but in the meantime, I'm wondering if there are other-- non-medicinal ways to maybe get a handle on it??

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Asked by AMsMommy212 at 12:14 PM on Oct. 11, 2010 in Health

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  • Breathing exercises, cutting out a lot of stress, focusing on something good....maybe yoga?

    Answer by Kword at 12:22 PM on Oct. 11, 2010

  • There are lots of non-medicinal ways to get a handle on anxiety. It starts with just noticing what's going on --which happily you're already doing.

    Meditation can help a lot, because learning to intentionally direct your thoughts can give you a great deal of power over your anxiety, as it is provoked by thoughts.

    It can help to read stories of people who have experienced and learned to handle anxiety in different ways. Mostly, people's usual reaction to anxiety is to Do Anything that will distract from it, or make it go away --pretty much every addiction there is ultimately about trying not to feel anxious, often to the point that the person has no idea they're even getting anxious because they reach so automatically for their drug of choice (whether alcohol or crack, shopping or Drama)

    Learning to sit through anxiety might help a lot --it is possible to feel frantic and do nothing about it. The feeling will pass.

    Answer by LindaClement at 12:23 PM on Oct. 11, 2010

  • Talk to someone, anyone, a pastor, clergyman, etc.. Talking is the best medicine for anxiety. GL

    Answer by MrsLeftlane at 12:24 PM on Oct. 11, 2010

  • i have issues with depression, anger and anxiety. I understand about your insurance not covering it. I dont have any insurance right now. I have to pay $94 for an office visit. Luckily i only have to go every 3 months for a meds check. I am lucky i am on a genaric med so it is only $4 at target each month. If you would like to talk please send me a message. Meds do help.

    Answer by spagal99 at 12:25 PM on Oct. 11, 2010

  • I would LOVE to talk to someone, but I don't think my friends will understand, my family doesnt believe in mental health issues-- they tell me to just "get over it", and Im not a church member or very religious even. That's why I was hoping to be able to see a Dr. but it's just not in the cards right now. I just don't want to feel judged-- I'm already pretty ashamed of myself-- I've never tried yoga or meditation-- they've always seemed kind of silly but @ this point I'm willing to do anything. I can't keep living THIS angry all the time.


    Comment by AMsMommy212 (original poster) at 12:33 PM on Oct. 11, 2010

  • Find someone that goes through something similar and talk to them about it.

    Answer by LiLJeni at 12:53 PM on Oct. 11, 2010

  • You don't have to go to a mental health specialist to get help with mental health issues. My dd talked to our family doctor and general physicians can prescribe medications and do all the time. He prescribed an anti-depressant for her. (I'm not for anti-anxiety for her because they are addictive). Please don't feel badly or embarrassed about feeling anxiety or depression. Some depression and anxiety is situational and can pass when the problem passes. But sometimes it is just biological and won't go away on its own. It must be treated just as diabetes or any other illness is treated. Please call your doctor right away. You can go to a free clinic if necessary. I'll be praying for you!

    Answer by carol2m2 at 12:30 AM on Oct. 13, 2010

  • A lot of places have mental health clinics that can offer you help. It is based on income (I think) Look in the phone book under mental health. I suffer from anxiety disorder and take benzodiazepine to help with the anxiety...


    Answer by tracylyn245 at 12:41 AM on Oct. 13, 2010

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