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Would this aggravate you?

My DH's alarms go off at 4:00 and 4:30 every morning - he continues to hit snooze until about 5:30 THEN gets up. I do not have to be up until 6:00 so I am basically losing 2 hours of sleep - I have insomnia so I do not sleep much at night. It is driving me crazy and I am about ready to start sleeping in the guest room!

What would you do? P.S. He goes to bed by 9:30

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Asked by chefronswife at 9:08 AM on Oct. 12, 2010 in Relationships

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  • I would deff talk to him about this and tell him if he is not going to get up when the alarm goes off or at least hit snooze one time and then get up he needs to go to the guest room with his alarm!!

    Answer by gracelessstar21 at 9:10 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • I'd talk to him about it. Sit him down and explain your side and ask if he'll bump his alarm back to 5 with only about ½ hr of snooze and tell him that if he can't, then you are going to have to start sleeping in the guest room. No harm in that to get your sanity back. Lack of sleep is harmful.

    Answer by twinsplus2more at 9:11 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • I would sleep in the other room. or i just turn the alarm off .. ahahahhah. He sets an additional alarm on his watch for 6 am. his clock one is set for 5.30 am and the baby sleeps with us.. he sleeps through a cyclone i swear. Why should i lose sleep or my baby be woken up if he wont get up. laziness I say.. Cant he put the clock near him or even under his pillow? you poor thing though, I couldnt imagine having insomnia.. I love my sleep too much. Hope it gets better soon, otherwise use the guest room, maybe he will think about hitting the snooze button then.

    Answer by Weldo1983 at 9:11 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • I am not a morning person, so I would probably hit him with a shoe or book every time he hit snooze. I would ask him why he can't just set the alarm for 5:30, but I never understood people that hit snooze every morning. If he's not willing to change, I would ask HIM to sleep in the guest room.

    Answer by andrea96 at 9:19 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • When he's not looking, change his alarm to 5:00, if he has to get up at 5:30. When he asks you about it, you can tell him that you changed it and explain your reasons. If he starts yelling at you about it, walk away, telling him you'll talk to him when he's done yelling (yelling never accomplishes anything). When he's calmed down, let him know that it's been proven the snoozing from your alarm more than once is not good for alertness and makes you more tired.

    Answer by _Tam_ at 9:26 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • why the hell won't he just set his alarm clock to 5:30? I would be raising serious hell! How selfish of him!

    make HIM sleep in the guest room!

    Answer by samurai_chica at 9:26 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • I agree with a few ladies here, talk to him first and if it continues a couple of days and it seems like he still doesn't care then one of those nights you have your insomnia let him see how it feels. Remove the clock and set it for about 15 or 20 minutes then let it go off and keep hitting the snooze. Another thing you can try is get another clock that does not have a snooze button and replace it. You should not have to leave your bed

    Answer by Cheveyo1 at 9:42 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • I would absolutely talk to him asap. And if he doesn't get it, to make a point, I would just set my alarm for 1am and hit snooze until 2, just to show him what it's like, even thought I'd lose one night's sleep. I know, that sounds terrible, but that's what I'd do if talking to him about it didn't help. :)

    Answer by jacksmom1225 at 9:47 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • Wow, I am exactly the same. My alarm goes off at 5:20 and I keep snoozing every 5 minutes until 6 or 6:15am. My ex used to just keep hitting snooze for me and tell me every so often its time to get up. He was frustrated but gets use to it. Try speaking to him about it. I know if the tables were turned I would be highly bothered by that.

    Answer by KayGia0704 at 10:22 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • I would talk to him and let him know the alarm situation is keeping you from sleeping. Ask him if he would either get up when it 1st goes off, or set it to a different time. If he refuses then maybe you should give him a 'nudge' each time the alarm goes off and keep pestering him every 5 minutes until he gets up. Maybe if HIS sleep is interrupted he will see your point and get it. Good luck!

    Answer by MizLee at 10:24 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

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