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Would it make you mad?

If you had only 5 hours of sleep one night (because your husband snores all night) then the next night went to bed and he wouldn't stop snoring so you laid awake for over an hour before giving up and sleeping on the couch then had to get up 5 hours later with the kids. Then he didn't get up until 2 hours after you did just to bring you the baby and go back to sleep because he's tired?

I'm so freaking tired. My back is killing me. I'm sick and I'm up with the kids after just 5 hours of sleep. My husband got 8 or 9 hours of sleep and went back to bed after bringing me the baby when he woke up.

I get so sick of everyone saying he has that right since he earns a paycheck and I'm just a SAHM so I'm basically worthless (that's the impression I get from people). I'm told not to complain since he works so I can stay home. It depresses me that I always come last to everyone in the house.

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Asked by justanotherjen at 11:51 AM on Oct. 12, 2010 in Just for Fun

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  • It would make me extremely mad.

    My husband snores and keeps me up a lot. But we're both stay at home parents, luckly. We take turns waking up. If he sees I am super tired and didn't sleep well, he'll get up with the kids and get them off to school and stay up with the 3 year old.

    He's really great when it comes down to it. As far as your husband, I'd give him a good kick in the ass!! Tell him to do your job for a week and see how he likes it, ontop of not being able to get sleep.

    He's selfish. Period.

    Answer by AtHomeMommy-3 at 11:54 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • I have issues with my husband keeping me up at night with his snoring. I always yell at him repeatedly until he turns over and some nights it's so loud I lay down at the foot of the bed. I also sleep with a box fan on at night at the foot of my bed, so when I lay down there at it, it actually drowns him out. But my husband would never get up after knowing I haven't gotten any sleep because of him to just bring me the baby and go back to sleep. You should tell him everything. That you're tired, you're sick and you're hurting. And you're not worthless. I have how negatively people speak of SAHM's. You're taking care of your child, aren't you? That's all people should be thinking about. YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS! And you deserve more than five hours of sleep because it's bad for your health.

    Answer by poptart0325 at 11:54 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • He might should get checked for sleep apnea. That will make him stay tired because he isn't getting good rest even when he is asleep.

    But yes I feel your pain.

    Answer by treynlisa at 11:55 AM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • I already have a fan.  I sleep with it on every night but it's not loud enough to drown out his snoring.  I spent the first 7 years of our marriage getting about 5-6 hours of broken sleep a night even after the kids were past the "not sleeping throug the night" stage because of his snoring and not once did he ever feel bad about it.  In his opinion it's my problem to deal with, not his.  It nearly destroyed our marriage because I was so sleep deprived and resentful.  We broke up for 6 weeks and when he came back he started sleeping on the couch where he stayed for 3 years (I offered to trade off and on with him every week but he refused).  Now we're back to sharing a room and he's back to snoring all night long so I'm forced to lay there awake or go sleep on the couch because he now refuses saying it's my problem again. 


    Comment by justanotherjen (original poster) at 12:01 PM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • Oh my gosh me & my boyfriend just got into it about this this morning. Luckily no kids yet like u. I work full time & am 32 weeks pregnant plus suppose to be on bed rest but i cant because my bf dont have a job. But he snores so bad I wake up often to pee about every 2 hrs & can never go back to sleep cuz of his snoring. I have asked him to sleep on the couch & he gets upset. I cant physically its way to hard on my body right now. I wake up in pain each day in my bed I tried the couch one night & could barely walk. So i mentioned this this morning & he says well when I got up to use the bathroom u were a sleep oh ok the one time u use the bathroom ok. Which he then woke me up getting back into bed. I can only imagine what its going to be like when the baby gets here. It really pisses me off when I call him from work & hes taking a nap. R u serious. Bull shit I bet ur job as a mother is harder then his!!!

    Answer by ahsweetness at 12:04 PM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • It absolutely would make me mad. As a SAHM you have daily responsibilities just like he does being at work. Lack of sleep will hinder your ability to take care of those responsibilities in the exact same way it would for him. I work full time now but I know that being a SAHM isn't easy. It's like having a job seven days a week whereas he gets two days off. I think I'd be dumping the baby right back into his lap and telling him to get his full night sleeping butt up because you didn't get any sleep last night and it's his turn to be a parent.

    My friend, you have a right to be upset sometimes. There's a difference between complaining that there isn't enough money to go around and refusing to do anything about it and complaining about not being able to do your job because your working husband doesn't consider it "work".

    Answer by sillyt at 12:56 PM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • My extra two cents - I learned from my first husband (when I was a SAHM) that you only come last if you let yourself come last. You have the right to make demands too and being able to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your family is a demand worth making.

    Answer by sillyt at 12:57 PM on Oct. 12, 2010

  • oh yea that would be very annoying...if its that bad there are ways that you can do to fix should get him to try those breath right strips and if that doesnt work there are clinics out there that will fix his snoring problem!!

    Answer by Ms.TM at 1:00 PM on Oct. 12, 2010

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