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will breastfeeding only on one breast diminish milk supply in the other? and if u only pump and never actually breastfeed will u eventually dry up?

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Asked by nicole40099 at 11:30 AM on Oct. 27, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (6)
  • pumping will not dry u up.. and yes one boob can dry up while the other doesnt its not good to feed on one breast.. it will make one a lot bigger then the other..

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:33 AM on Oct. 27, 2008

  • i had a health issue that didn't let me breast feed so i had to pump and then bottle feed, and i dried up after two weeks...very sad

    Answer by maddoxsmommy605 at 11:38 AM on Oct. 27, 2008

  • As long as you pump as often of you would feed, you WILL NOT dry up. Your breasts don't know whether a baby us nursing or you are pumping.... the point is you are getting the milk out of your breasts. Just don't go as long as you possibly can before nursing or pumping. THAT will dry you up in no time! Feeding on one side isn't a good idea, the other side will dry up. If you need to increase your milk supply, pump right after feeding and START nursing on the side you FINISHED on the last feeding. This should all help :o)

    Answer by krockwell at 11:50 AM on Oct. 27, 2008

  • To the previous poster, that's simply not true. The suction of a pump is not the same as a baby nursing. Some women can pump successfully, some can't. There's no way of knowing where you will fall. Your breasts DO know the difference because YOU know the difference. The hormonal "feelings" of looking down at your baby aide in let down and prolactin production, some women do fine without this, some don't.
    Single breast feeding shouldn't cause supply issues as long as you still alternate between feedings, in fact, it's recommended for colicky babies because less air is swallowed from unlatching and relatching. If you only EVER nurse on one breast, yes, the other will dry up.

    Answer by 3maniacsmom at 12:28 PM on Oct. 27, 2008

  • But you are still relieving your breasts of milk. Nursing and pumping do the same thing...relieve the breast of milk, which in turn produces more milk. THATS what I was saying--- "the point is, you are getting the milk out of your breasts." Yes I do realize that the suction from a nursing baby is different from a pump....I have been nursing my son for the past 10 months. I know I thing or two about it.

    Answer by krockwell at 1:04 PM on Oct. 27, 2008

  • If you pump you will not dry up as long as you are pumping say every 4 hours (if that is how often your baby is eating). Stay on a schedule, that is what is best for you. I am not sure why you are only feeding on 1 breast. Yes your other 1 will dry up. Maybe if you only want to fed on 1 breast then you should probably pump the other 1 at the same time as the feeding or right after.

    Answer by nfutter at 1:57 PM on Oct. 27, 2008

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