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The View, do you think

Woopie and Joy should have left the stage with the interview with O'Riley? I think they should have been more professional and stayed with the subject.


Asked by zbee at 8:08 AM on Oct. 15, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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  • He was not making a bigoted statement he was making a factual one and you know it. There are people who call Americans terrorists and that includes Americans themselves. Sure it's pretty disgusting but I'm smart enough to know it doesn't matter. You can keep your opinions about how I should or shouldn't feel to yourself. I can be openly offended without flipping out or taking my toys and going home.
    The point here is anyone with half a brain, which is what most libs have, would know Bill was not being bigoted. He knows the Muslims that attacked us were extremists. He also knows they were terrorists, something the left doesn't even allow us to say. I stand by my statement that the left just wants to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 9:06 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • Would you entertain that bigotry?

    Nope, I would stand my ground and make it obvious what an idiot he is for saying the things he did about Muslims. I wouldn't run off like a little girl. I mean, that's the real reason they have Hasselbeck on the show in the first place - if they had an actual intelligent conservative, Joy and Whoopi would be running off stage every single day.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 8:17 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • I agree with you.I do not care for any of them including O'reilly although,I do agree with him here.He is a pompous a@@ though and Joy Behar ..there simply isn't just one word to describe how I feel of that woman..not only vile but so much more comes to mind.

    Answer by tnmomofive at 8:11 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • Standing your ground is not the same as screaming back at him incoherently. You handle him the same way you handle a child having a hissy - with silence. But you don't walk away and give him the spotlight.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 8:26 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • Absolutely they should have stayed. As for Sweets stupid analogy of little man and American representatives walking out, Bill was not bashing either whoopie or Joy. In fact he wasn't bashing any nationality or anyones religion. You can't tell me those ladies or any one else for that matter doesn't know when people say Muslims attacked us they mean Muslim terrorists. If they were not by nature so ready to bash anyone for any reason they would have just stated what Barbara did and challenged his use of Muslim instead of Muslim extremists. It's pretty pitiful that the left is more interested in causing trouble than actually having a sensible debate. It's really getting tiresome.

    Answer by itsmesteph11 at 8:51 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • Sweeta kins. Your Christian analogy doesn't work. Christian who molest children don't do so because they believe the Bible is telling them too. The Muslims who commit acts like 9/11 DO believe they are faithfully following their religion. See the difference? It's a big one. 


    Answer by SuperChicken at 9:11 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • Didn't the US and other countries walk out when Imadinnerjacket started talking his anti USA bullshit?

    Didn't some on  here applaud that?

    They came back AFTER he apologized for his discriminatory comment.

    How would you feel if he was saying, DONT BUILD A CHURCH NEXT TO A SCHOOL, CHRISTIANS SEXUALLY ASSAULT CHILDREN AND IT WOULD UPSET THE FAMILIES.....Would you entertain that bigotry?


    Answer by sweet-a-kins at 8:13 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • I agree with Sweet-a-kins. He was lumping all Muslim in the same boat and being an ass about it. They should have walked away to prove a point. Sitting and getting louder while "debating" it, would do nothing. He apologized and all could get back to normal.

    Answer by BradenIsMySon at 8:16 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • He was invited to the show like any other guests. As with some guest, there comes controversy and they know this. As grown women, they should have stayed. They shouldn't have let one person work them up like that. I love Whoopie and I was very disappointed when both ladies walked off that stage. Very unprofessional.


    Answer by Christine0813 at 8:40 AM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • LMAO...Why do people keep saying HE was being loud?? Did you HEEAR THEM? They were ALL 3 being equally obnoxious and LOUD and in each others faces. I mean come on. At least TRY and be balanced. AND he apologized if he offended Muslims, not for his comments. He still stands by those and if you listen to his explanation he makes sense! We didnt fight EXTREME Germans or EXTREME Japanese, we fought the Germans and the Japanese. Do you think there werent LARGE amounts of people from BOTH these countries who thought what they were doing was wrong?? Of COPURSE there were. THAT was what he was saying. HIS POINT is that after 10 years there is no reason to say extreme...any intelligent person KNOWS the difference. But it works way better for SOME people to call him a they do ANYONE who disagrees with them...racist, bigot, hateful...the bin to pull from when you disagree with someone......

    Answer by momof030404 at 8:41 AM on Oct. 15, 2010