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Something bad could have happened to my five year-old son. What should I do?

When I picked my son up from school today, I parked in the parking lot and walked to the pick-up porch as I always do. Well, the kids had been released and were supposed to be sitting with their classes on the benches. When I walked up, my son was running toward me almost to the parking lot where I greeted him. His teacher was seating the other students. I walked my son up to her and she asked if anything was wrong. I told her my son had run off and did she see him run off. She said no. Then proceeded to reprimand my son for running off. I understand that my son should be disciplined for running off, but she was not watching him either and something really bad could have happened to him if I had not been there. I don't even want to imagine what could have happened. If I had taken the sub position they called me for today, then I would not have been there right when the kids released and he would have wondered..


Asked by lowencope at 5:31 PM on Oct. 15, 2010 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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Answers (30)
  • Maybe you could speak with the teacher and have her hold his hand at pick-up time until you get there??

    Answer by skittles1108 at 6:00 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • The teachers cannot watch all the children every second. The children are supposed to be responsible for their own safety. My children have been suspended for behaviors such as this. Blame your child not the teacher. How would you feel if you were speaking to another child that needed something and one child wandered off and the mother blamed you.

    Answer by ashisamom at 5:34 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • OK, I know you are not going to like this, but the teacher is only one person who only has two eyes. You said yourself she was seating the other children. It's not like she was ignoring all the kids and talking to anyone but her students. If you feel your son needs one to one attention, then you need to request an IEP and get him an aide. Otherwise, you need to make sure he understands he must listen. This means he needs severe discipline.  I would take something away from him at home and not just "address this with him". 


    Answer by layh41407 at 5:38 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • It's funny how you all just assume it's bad parenting on my part.

    No one is saying that it's bad parenting! We are only saying that it's NOT the teachers fault that your son didn't listen to the rules.

    Answer by worriedmommy600 at 5:57 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • well, i dont really think there is much you can do now...i know its sucky what happened but really ..things like this do happen.

    Answer by mywonderyears at 5:33 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • You might talk to the office about safety issues that need to be addressed and ask if there is a different way they could do things to make it safer for all the kids. My oldest is a free spirit type child, and I had to do that on several occassions, and even though she really was the only one who needed extra supervision to stay where she was supposed to be they agreed to change their procedures to make it safer.

    Answer by TweenAndTwinMom at 5:38 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • I 100% agree with layh41407

    Answer by Soniam301 at 5:41 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • Your son's teacher can only do so much with all those children she is tending to. You need to have a talk to your son about listening to the rules of his teacher because they are for his safety.

    Answer by worriedmommy600 at 5:43 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • well then talk to him about the rules of his classroom. He MUST obey them and it is NOT his teachers fault.

    Answer by worriedmommy600 at 5:48 PM on Oct. 15, 2010

  • I'm not making an excuse for my son.

    It does kind of appear that way. You are having an issue with the teacher when your son was unable to follow rules. Yes, I understand that he could have been hurt, but he needs to learn to listen. Your first reaction isn't to discipline him, it was to get irritated with the teacher.
    What was your first reaction? Did you scold him? Or did you go right up to the teacher? If you just took him right up to the teacher, you sent the message to him that he was not responsible for his behavior, the teacher was.

    Answer by layh41407 at 5:49 PM on Oct. 15, 2010