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Does spanking REALLY make young kids behave better?

Has anybody found that spanking really changes bad behavior for preschool aged kids? Do you have to spank over and over again for the same thing, or can you spank once for something and it doesn't happen again? If you tell you child you will spank do they stop and not do whatever it was you warned them about? I wondering for those of you that think spanking works how you use it and why you think it's effective.

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Asked by Anonymous at 7:31 AM on Oct. 16, 2010 in Parenting Debate

Answers (28)
  • It sure worked for mine - and worked for my brothers & I when we were little. We knew that dad meant business if we misbehaved and my DD knew, too. It got to the point where she would see "the look" on my face and stop whatever it was she was doing wrong. All by just a swat on the bottom.

    Answer by TeensMom07 at 7:35 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • didn't work for me, just made me be more careful about not getting caught and to fear my parents.

    Answer by Zoeyis at 7:35 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • Nope. It doesn't Never worked for me as a child, just made me more sneaky. If my mother had talked to me like a human rather than hitting I would have listened better.

    Answer by buzymamaof3 at 8:09 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • It works for some kids and not for others. My mother tried to put us in time out. It worked for my sister, but not for me. I would just sit there and think how ridiculous this was and how much I hated my mother, then when I got off of time out, I just went and did what I was doing all over again. The time out didn't hurt me, it annoyed me. I didn't really care. When she started spanking me, I knew she meant business and I didn't want that to happen.
    The same thing for my one son. He could have cared less about 'time out'. You really didn't even half to spank him. Just asking if he needed one did the trick.

    Answer by layh41407 at 8:09 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • Well, I was NEVER spanked as a child and I think my mom probably should have on several occasions. I don't spank my son because it has no effect on him. His punishments include push-ups and toilet bowl scrubbing. I know it sounds kinda harsh, but don't bash because you don't know our family. DD does get spanked because she is completely willfull and sometimes that is the only thing that will stop her. Usually I spank her on the hand, so I think it hurts her feelings more, but it works.

    Answer by tonbookluvr at 8:22 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • When used correctly, spanking is highly effective. Correctly means consistantly, no anger, no raised voices, no "reactionary' spanking (that is to say swatting immedeately out of reaction.)
    Spankins in my house are done matter of factly, as a logical consequence to an action. DS knows it is coming, thus is is not constantly looking over his shoulder for "a snake to jump up and bite him without warning". We sit, I tell him what he did, and often ask him to repeat to me, what he did. I take his pants down, ask if he's ready and swat. He gets a couple of stinging swats, and I pull up his pants, he sits on my lap while he calms down we re-discuss what he did and why I had to spank him. He tells me he's sorry then we go play a game, or wrestle, or he gets attacked by the "kiss monster". I want him to leave the "event" as sure as ever that I love him and his disobedience will not be tolerated. Total atonement and forgiveness. (CONT

    Answer by new_mom808 at 8:29 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • He's a toddler, so I dont excpect that he will listen perfectly from this day forward, but it remarkable improves his attitued and listening ability. I dont spank for "actions" I spank for attitueds and disobedience. I also believe that as kids get older the spankings should be slowle replaced by more logical punishemnts that fit the particular offenses. (i.e. grounding, extra chores etc.)
    I was spanked and it worked wonders for me. I have friends who spank "incorrectly" and friends who do not spank and freinds who spank "correctly". There is an obvious and often commented on difference in our children.

    Answer by new_mom808 at 8:33 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • It doesn't work with my kid. Timeouts never worked with him either.

    Answer by makelineerror at 8:49 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • sometimes it's effective others it's not it also depends on the age of the child as well and I don't go smacking and smacking no it's a swat on the bottom to get their attention and it's not even that hard it works w my almost 8 yr old he gets a spank on the bottom and sent to his room then it no longer continues

    Answer by chica679 at 10:40 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

  • I do not believe it works, discipline through fear never works.

    Answer by older at 10:44 AM on Oct. 16, 2010

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