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Voting... What would YOU do? (please read the entire post)

Okay, how do you decide who to vote for?

We have 2 main voting options right now for the local senate race...

One, I can agree with on 75% of the issues, but I disagree with him on the big things like abortion, gun control and healthcare. IMO though, he is the better option on subjects like jobs, taxes and other day to day issues...

The second is just about opposite. I don't agree with his "day to day" issues, yet I like his stance on the bigger issues that don't really affect my day to day...

So, my question is, not so much how should I vote, but how would YOU vote? Do you vote for the guy who you agree with on Major Issues which may or may not affect you on a daily basis but who has lousy views on the stuff that affects you every day? Or the guy who you agree with on the Day to Day issues even though you passionately disagree with him on the BIG stuff?

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Asked by SabrinaMBowen at 12:11 PM on Oct. 18, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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  • Vote fir the guy on the day to day issues. Abortion rights, gun rights, etc, aren't even in the table right now.

    Answer by lovinangels at 12:13 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • Without specifics, it's difficult for me to say. There is a guy who is running for congress in my state. He says he stands for "traditional marriage" and "family values". He has also said that he wants to "return our nation to its Judeo-Christian roots". Yes, he actually said it. That tells me that he panders to the Religious Right, and has no interest in protecting my freedoms. I wouldn't care if he had all the answers to fixing our economic problems. I wouldn't vote for him because in his mind, we should be living under his biblical views, which shows a very poor understanding of our Constitution, the First Amendment, and no concern for those who don't fit with his religious and "moral" views. He is not for upholding our Constitution. He is for increasing the already too powerful Evangelicals--especially if it helps him with his political aspirations.


    Answer by jsbenkert at 12:18 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • Just for argument sake, I know who I'm voting for, but I will be honest, it's a hard choice for me. I've VERY VERY passionate about the big issues, And it's actually issues not listed here which made my choice, but I was really wondering what others thought... What weighs more in your choice? The big stuff or the little?

    Comment by SabrinaMBowen (original poster) at 12:18 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • I have priorities that I take into the voting booth... For example~ fiscal responsibility. I take those to the voting booth... The issues (ie social) I don't agree with a candidate on, when elected~ I work hard to fight them on those social issues. They need to be held accountable. But they also need to be reminded they work for YOU..

    Answer by grlygrlz2 at 12:23 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • I don't consider abortion and gun rights to be "big issues". The big issues for me are fiscal and I will vote based on those issues. Our representatives shouldn't have the power to do anything about the hot button issues anyway, that should be left up to the voters, IMO.

    Answer by LeanneC at 12:24 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • To me, jobs, fiscal responsibility, taxes, etc ARE the big issues.  So I'd vote for the first guy. 


    Answer by SuperChicken at 12:45 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • Personally, I would vote for the candidate that aligned with my beliefs on the big issues, they do affect my day to day life. I just have strong moral convictions and I couldn't vote against a candidate for a higher level position that I did not agree with on certain issues.  It's not so much what the candidates believe or practice in their lives, but how they will vote on the big issues.


    Answer by BandME at 12:47 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • I would consider healthcare part of the day to day and I vote on day to day. I make my feelings known to them on wedge issues, but only people ignorant of government actually VOTE on wedge issues like abortion.

    Answer by NotPanicking at 12:52 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • I vote based on who I agree the most with based on which office they'll be holding if elected and who will be the best fit for my state. Being opposed to abortion isn't going to change our rights within my state, but there's always the possibility based on how he'll vote to represent me.

    Answer by Ginger0104 at 1:03 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • I would ask myself what areas are most imprtant to me. I'm conservative and I would prefer someone socially conservative over fiscally conservative if I had to choose

    Answer by BiloxiDreams at 1:04 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

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