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How successful are friendships with a man?

I was talking about friends with my sister earlier and she has a rule with her husband no friends of opposite sex.
My boyfriend doesn't LIKE me to have friends of the opposite sex (and it tends to be more trouble then its worth) but its still "allowed".


Asked by seturkey at 9:32 PM on Oct. 18, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (10)
  • my husband has lots of opposite sex friends... but i am also friends with majority of them... (he knew them before we met) i am allowed to have male friends but somehow its more of a thing for me.. i guess he looks at it like they are men and they will try to get with me.. he is a man and knows not to cross that line or he will lose me. but i still have male friends

    Answer by Ross2010 at 8:53 PM on Oct. 19, 2010

  • I have a few male friends, but I also make sure I'm friends with the women in their lives and try to make sure I'm at least as close to those women as I am to the guys. I also make sure my guy friends know that whatever they're going through I am their friend, not a f**k-buddy to help them get over a breakup or to help them 'release stress' as one of my ex-friends put it. Also, if my hubby every said he wasn't comfortable w/ me hanging out w/ any of my guy friends then that's the end of the friendship and they all know that. My relationship w/ my husband is first, and I've had to quite being friends w/ guys who didn't get that. All my guy friends now are friends w/ both my hubby and me and we're friends w/ their significant others too.

    Answer by Skipo510 at 10:00 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • i have 1 male friend. we were friends, we dated, he dumped me, and now we're still friends lol. my husband is ok with it, and i'm glad because he's a good friend (he was a terrible boyfriend, but he's a good friend. go figure lol)

    Answer by princessbeth79 at 9:34 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • My best friend is male. Been my best friend for close to 10 years now.

    Answer by Glamourina at 9:34 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • I have some very good male friends, we've been friends since high school. I've even become good friends with their wives- it 's all about trust!!

    Answer by skittles1108 at 9:42 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • All my friends that I have made on my own are guys, I tend to have more in common with men than i do women. In most of the relationships i have been in it isnt a big deal because the guy i am dating becomes friends with them. I think its all about trust, honesty and boundaries. The few females i am friends with are my brothers exgirlfriends and in those cases the only thing we have in common is that we are all moms or all have the same career.

    Answer by Jordi_Girl at 11:14 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • I have several male friends, one of almost 20 years, and they have all been the most rewarding relationships I've ever had next to my DH.
    I can never envision a friendship with a woman being so rewarding.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:55 PM on Oct. 18, 2010

  • I have always had more male friends than female. There have been a couple of times I have "crossed the line" with a good male friend and it ruined the friendship, but otherwise I see no problem at all with it.

    Answer by Robsessed98 at 2:03 AM on Oct. 19, 2010

  • My best friend is a guy. He has been my best friend for almost 7 years now. I hang out/talk to more males then I do with females and it has always been that way. My SO understands that and doesnt say anything about it. He has his friends and I have mine that is all there is to it.

    Answer by LiLJeni at 3:11 AM on Oct. 19, 2010

  • We're both in our 50s and have friends of the opposite sex. However, neither of us hang out with them. It's more business associates. My own little rule for myself is no friend with whom I've ever dated in the past even if we're friendly. My husband was married to his ex for 25 years so there are no women in his life that he ever dated so that rule doesn't apply to him (and he has no interest in being friends with his ex).

    Answer by kathyartist2007 at 12:32 PM on Oct. 19, 2010