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How can people be proud of being bigots? And if you are one and proclaim it loudly and proudly, why do you get mad when someone confirms what you've been trying to communicate by calling you a bigot??


Asked by Anonymous at 7:03 PM on Oct. 22, 2010 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (27)
  • I don't think it's something that people are really "proud" of, but more they don;t know any better, which occurs when one has a limited degree of worldliness, is young/naive/inexperienced, or has lead a sheltered life? We all know misery loves company, and there is a certain "comfort" among like-minded individuals, and this is perhaps why they cling together?

    Answer by LoriKeet at 7:22 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • Ah yes, the "I"m not a bigot, but....(insert completely bigoted statement here)" people. Who knows what they're thinking, but hey, if it talks like a duck, walks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it's most definitely NOT an owl, know what I mean?

    Answer by Anouck at 7:05 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • I love this one: "Why do blacks do ________? I'm NOT a racist/bigot, because I have black friends."...yeah, ok.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:11 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • I will never understand how and why someone thinks it's okay to be a bigot. These people are surely missing out on really nice people with their ways of thinking!

    Answer by Mom2Just1 at 7:11 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • Anon, did you read the story about that judge somewhere in the south, who refused to perform interracial marriages, but "he wasn't a bigot because he's had black people use his bathroom before"? Seriously, wtf?

    Answer by Anouck at 7:13 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • Oh I remember that about the judge. What a freak. And I bet he doesn't think he is racist to this day.And I bet his family and friends feel the same way he does. Despicable.

    Answer by kerp1960 at 7:18 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • I dont understand it myself. There is no logic to it, b/c that type of thinking is totally illogical! Live & let live!

    Answer by mrsmom110 at 7:19 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • And the "brainiac" has arrived... It's always a great thing to ASSume.

    Answer by Anouck at 7:34 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • Lorikeet, you do realize her implication was that people who are conservative are bigots don't you?

    Harry Ried could be called a bigot, Joe Biden... Ohh and who's that guy in the Obama Administration?? Ohh yea, Robert Reich .....BUT they were given a free pass.. I guess that is different.... Funny how those free passes work...

    OP~ I believe in Free Speech (even from coward anonymous posters), but that doesn't mean I believe IN the Speech... DO you understand?


    Answer by grlygrlz2 at 7:38 PM on Oct. 22, 2010

  • I believe this is one of the first times I've agreed whole heartedly with LoriKeet too, miracles DO exist, heh. No offense, LoriKeet, my statement was meant in good fun, nothing else :)

    Answer by Anouck at 7:41 PM on Oct. 22, 2010