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Why do people try and TRAIN their children to use the potty ?

Being able to control those bodily functions is not taught. It will happen when your childs body is ready for it and when people try and train their children into doing it it only causes stress for everyone. Why don't you just wait till your child is dry after naps and shows interest in going to the potty themselves. If you have to train the child they are not ready.

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Asked by itsmesteph11 at 12:24 PM on Oct. 23, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • It is not about controlling the blader persay. It is about teaching them to pee & poop in the toilet. When they have to pee & poop. If they get use to understanding when they need to go and do it in the toilet. The blader control will come in time.
    Like my oldest was potty trained day and night at 18 months. But my youngest was potty trained in the day time befor 2 but not at night tellshe was 5 or 6 yo. Each kid is different.

    Answer by louise2 at 12:34 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • I agree. When children are ready, they will do it. I can't see any reason to try and train them, all you're doing is training you...

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 12:35 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • Then why is it called potty "training?" Yes I agree to wait until they are ready, but there is obviously training involved. Don't push your child, but when they are ready I say go ahead and "train" them how to use the potty.

    Answer by JessicaB86 at 12:40 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • I don't think it means training to control bladder and bowel functions. I think it implies training of habits, from going in their diaper to going in the potty.

    Answer by MommaTurbo at 12:50 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • they know where to go when they do have to pee. I didn't PRESSURE my child into using the potty. I just reminded her of where she can go. And if she didn't go in the potty it was no big deal, but she learned on her own eventually. Why are you ASSUMING everyone FORCES their child to go potty? That's unfair.

    Answer by GinNTonic at 12:52 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • So you all are saying to wait tell they decide to go sit on the toilet and go pee & poop. With out you having to do any training. They will just go in their them selves and do it. Who want to pay for diapers that long, 3 to 5 years. Not me. Kids are smarter the you think. This generation is just lazy and does not want to do any work. Self potty training self weening. No disciplining.  I truly wonder what  these kids  will be like when they grow up.  JMO


    Answer by louise2 at 12:55 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • I don't really see it as "training". I see it more like teaching them they have another option to go to the bathroom in a different place besides their diaper. I think most people wait til their child starts to get curious about the toilet before they teach them what it's purpose is. You have to teach your children many things.. how to read, how to write, how to walk. Why is teaching them where they can potty at any different?

    Answer by Jacobismommy at 12:57 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • uhg, my mom did that with the youngest of my siblings and she wasn't potty trained until she was almost five. ... so yes you do need to teach them what the potty is for and to know when they are going to go and to go in the toilet.

    Answer by Gnomeofmyheart at 1:24 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • I'm not going to have my child in diapers till she's heading off to kindergarten just because she doesn't feel like doing her business in the potty. It's not forcing them to control their bodily functions, it's showing them that they have a different place to go to the bathroom. Who wants their child to sit in their own filth, even if for a short amount of time, if they have the comprehension and understanding that there's an alternative spot to eliminate.

    Answer by Nanixh at 1:29 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

  • While you do wait until the child is ready, you are still teaching them a new skill - and that requires training.

    Answer by Gaccck at 1:53 PM on Oct. 23, 2010

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