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What's the quickest way to lose baby child is almost 3

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Asked by Mellisa_Gross at 12:25 AM on Oct. 25, 2010 in Diet & Fitness

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  • Cut your calories, eat a healthy, balanced diet and start exercising regularly.

    Answer by musicpisces at 12:36 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • Cut them to what though? How much exercise?

    Comment by Mellisa_Gross (original poster) at 12:37 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • Breastfeed.

    Answer by Shines3 at 12:57 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • Oh sorry crap, I didn't see your child was almost three. MB

    Answer by Shines3 at 12:58 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • My daughter will be three in April. I stopped breastfeeding when she was three weeks old

    Comment by Mellisa_Gross (original poster) at 12:59 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • lol. It's okay.

    Comment by Mellisa_Gross (original poster) at 12:59 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • I just answered this in the question above yours so I will copy and paste my answers here as well, good luck to you:)

    First thing that you need to do is figure out your BMR (basal metabolic rate) which is the amount of calories your body burns per day doing nothing at all. Go to to find yours, make sure to scroll down the page to see how many more calories you burn with different activity levels. Keep in mind this is just an estimate, but it is a great place to start. Second thing you need to know is that 3500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. For example, pretend your BMR says you burn 2000 calories per day, you take in 1500 calories that day, which leaves you with a deficit of 500 calories. Do that for 7 days in a row which equals 3500 calories or 1 pound of fat lost for the week. CONT...


    Answer by shanlaree at 8:36 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • Obviously you can lose more than that, but you just have to know your numbers. Weight loss is just simple math, calories in - calories out. As for tips, try to drink a glass of water 20 minutes before you eat, drink another while you are eating, and then another after you are finished. It will help you feel full and you won't eat as much. Make sure you eat protein with every meal as it also helps you stay full longer. Keep your meals small, but don't starve yourself as it will make your body go into "starvation mode" and will hang on to every last bit of fat, and will slow your metabolism down to nothing. Try to eat healthy 100 calorie snacks every 2 hours or so to keep your metabolism chugging away. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible and don't eat anything with white or "processed" flour, or sugar. For example bread, the first ingredients should say 100% whole wheat, not "processed" anything. Cont...


    Answer by shanlaree at 8:37 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • And last exercise... I've recently discovered interval training and LOVE it! Do a search for it, there are tons of websites about it. Basically it is working really hard for a set amount of time and then recovering for a set amount of time. For example you can do 20 really fast jumping jacks followed by stepping side to side for 20 counts and repeat. You can either do these exercises for a certain count or for a certain amount of time, it's up to you. The great thing about it is you can make it up as you go along and change it up whenever you get bored. I like to lift weights, walking lunges, push ups, ab work or some other resistance training in my recovery time. 30 minutes should be good enough, but try breaking it up into three 10 minute sessions throughout the day to keep your body burning calories all day. Good luck and let me know if you need anymore advice:)


    Answer by shanlaree at 8:38 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

  • I would say get into a two thousand calories a day diet and excercise, or at least start by walking each day for at least 30 mins, you should see the difference in about a month..

    Answer by Luisa621 at 10:44 AM on Oct. 25, 2010

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