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This will never, EVER get old!

The Ghost Poop- The kind where you feel poop come out, see poop on the toilet paper, but there's no poop in the bowl.

The Clean Poop- The kind where you feel poop come out, see poop in the bowl, but there's no poop on the toilet paper.

The Second Poop- This poop happens when you've finished, your pants are up to your knees, and you suddenly realize you have to poop some more.

The Lincoln Log Poop- The kind of poop that's so enormous you're afraid to flush it down without first breaking it up into little pieces with the toilet brush.

The "Gee, I Really Wish I Could Poop" Poop- The kind where you want to poop, but even after straining your guts out, all you can do is sit on the toilet, cramped and farting.

The Crowd Pleaser- This poop is so intriguing in size and/or appearance that you have to show it to someone before flushing.

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Asked by Mama2BabyTaurus at 8:31 PM on Oct. 27, 2010 in Just for Fun

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  • The Ritual- This poop occurs at the same time each day and is accomplished with the aid of a newspaper.

    The Guinness Book Of Records Poop- A poop so noteworthy it should be recorded for future generations.

    The Aftershock Poop- This poop has an odor so powerful than anyone entering the toilet room within the next seven hours is affected.

    The Floater- Characterized by its floatability, this poop has been known to resurface after many flushings.

    The Phantom Poop- This appears in the toilet mysteriously and no one will admit to putting it there.

    The Poop Bomb- A poop that comes as a complete surprise at a time that is either inappropriate to poop or you are nowhere near pooping facilities.

    The Power Dump Poop- The kind that comes out so fast, you barely have your pants down and you're done.

    Comment by Mama2BabyTaurus (original poster) at 8:32 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • The "I Think I'm Turning Into A Bunny" Poop- When you drop lots of cute, little round ones that look like marbles and make tiny splashing sounds when they hit the water.

    The "What The Heck Died In Here?" Poop- Also sometimes referred to as "The Toxic Dump". Of course you don't warn anyone of the poisonous bathroom odor. Instead, you stand innocently near the door and enjoy the show as they run out gagging and gasping for air.

    Comment by Mama2BabyTaurus (original poster) at 8:32 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • lol i saw that before :)

    Answer by 405mom at 8:34 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • For me, I personally still find it hilarious! But I also have always had a really humorous side.

    Comment by Mama2BabyTaurus (original poster) at 8:35 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • My gf is refusing to have a colonscopy. Her doc gave her a new "do it yourself kit". She is supposed to poop, wipe herself and put the t.p. in a sealed baggie, THREE DIFFERENT TIMES, put the three baggies in a box and send it in. What kind of poop is that? ROFLMAO!!!!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:37 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • How about the lasagna poop- This is where you poop and wipe and poop and wipe.... where you have many layers in the pot when you're done .

    Answer by dmbutler at 8:39 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • I stole this : ) awesome.

    Answer by Rosesandlilys at 8:47 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • lol

    Answer by gratefulangel77 at 8:47 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • Hahahahaha, I so needed a laugh tonight.. thank goodness for you :)

    Answer by LishaBee at 8:48 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

  • This is cute

    Answer by minnesotamom750 at 8:50 PM on Oct. 27, 2010

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