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I'm 54 and I have an 11-year-old son. Yesterday a waitress referred to him as my grandson, and I cheerfully corrected her. Anybody else deal with this kind of social situation, and does it bother you or amuse you?

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Asked by nonosays at 11:22 AM on Oct. 28, 2010 in Relationships

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  • it wouldn't bother me. i find it amusing when they look at my dh questioningly..he's 7years older, has graying hair, and techinically, is old enough to be a grandfather. (of course, anyone older than 30 could be a grandparent, KWIM?).
    but then again, most people think i look about 10yrs younger than i am. :o)

    Answer by dullscissors at 11:24 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • On the flip side people used to assume my oldest son was my little brother. I was 19 when I had him - not a baby, but I looked very young. From his birth to around 2 or 3 years old people would usually refer to him as my brother when I was out with him and my mom. It was funny and my mom and I still joke about it.

    Answer by Orionsgirl at 11:24 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • First I would be insulted!!!! Then,mad!!!! People that don't know the relationship should just SHUT UP!!!!!! Don't insult people!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:25 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • Well, I had the "Is this your brother?" comments with my son, I had him at 19. I imagine when my So and I marry and have kids, I will get the grandma crap now. Since I am 34 and kids are a few year away.

    Answer by BradenIsMySon at 11:27 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • People think my daughter is my sister. She's 2, I'm 29.

    Answer by ballewal at 11:28 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • It has happened to me a few times. Sometimes I think it's funny, and sometimes it bothers me. I do have friends my age who already have grandchildren, so I guess I can't blame people for thinking it.  I did have one instance when it really bugged me because the lady kept doing even after I explained it to her twice.


    Answer by TweenAndTwinMom at 11:28 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • Good morning! I had to laugh when I saw your post because I'm 65 years old w/a 15-year old son. People have mistaken me for his grandmother for several years and I would correct them. When he was in elementary school, he suggested I color my hair, but now he says it doesn't matter. The primary drawback has been that I've worried about something happening to me and he would be left alone.

    Answer by vintagemom45 at 11:30 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • Somewhat have had that situation but with a couple of twists: My mom, who happens to be your age, was often mistaken for ds's mom. So was my dad, mistaken for ds's dad.They honestly look like they are in their late 30's, I kid you not! It doesn't happen as much as it used to though, he is 5 now. And don't get me started on what people have mistaken myself for! It started in the hospital with my first baby. I was 21 at the time and I had more than one nurse tell me I was too young to be having a baby because I was just a teen. I asked how old she thought I was and she said,"You can't be more than 15." Umm WRONG! I was a bit p.o.ed. I am 27 now and I still get looks from (mostly grandmothers) when I am in public with my kids. They just assume bad things because I guess I look like someone who was unwed and got knocked up in school, neither of which happened. I married at 19. I had someone at the mall once ask me when cont

    Answer by SweetLoveofMine at 11:30 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • You should have told her to go soak her head in the soda fountain!! LOL! Just kidding. That happened to me when my Son was two, I was 41. We were at the Library for toddler playtime and they just got a new Thomas the Train Table & all the kids were exstatic!! I was telling the librarian that I bought a train table for my Son (not the Thomas one) for Christmas & another Mother who was no spring chicken I may add said " SURE you can afford it since your his Grandmother!! I was shocked and wanted to deck her but for the kids sake I bit my tounge. The librarian said, "NO! she's his Mom & I bet she's younger than you!" I was happy she said that for me but then the other Mom said "Oh I guess it was because of her hair since she has the same hairdo as that Grandmother over there! I said in her ear "you are a jerk"! She could not stop insulting me! Well, I never saw her at the Library again after that, thank goodness.

    Answer by ILovemyPaulie at 11:31 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

  • It would bother me a little, since she probably shouldn't have assigned a relationship to you if there was any doubt in her mind. Her assumption would hurt my feelings too. But people are having children older nowadays, so it is not uncommon and it will become the norm before long. So take heart, you are not alone!

    Answer by CarriePM at 11:32 AM on Oct. 28, 2010

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